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SR-152 Loverís Lane Project

152 Lover's Lane Project

Project Location
On Route 152 in Santa Clara County near Gilroy from Old Lake Road to 0.3 mile east of Old Lake Road and from 0.4 mile west to 0.6 mile east of Lovers Lane.

Need & Purpose
The purpose of this project is to make safety improvements along route 152 near Gilroy in Santa Clara County between Old Lake Road and San Felipe Lane.

This project is divided into two segments. Segment 1 goes from Old Lake Road to 0.3 mile east of Old Lake Road. Work within Segment 1 includes repairing the existing pavement.

Segment 2 goes from 0.4 mile west of Lovers Lane to 0.6 mile east of Lovers Lane. Work within Segment 2 includes reconstructing the existing roadway and widening it to improve sight distance and to provide for a wider 8-foot shoulder and a left turn lane to accommodate traffic turning onto Lovers Lane. The roadway reconstruction and widening necessitate cutting into and stabilizing the hillsides, and therefore constructing retaining walls will also be part of the work.

Both Segments 1 and 2 will have a layer of hot mix asphalt overlay to improve friction and a median rumble strip to function as a soft barrier between eastbound and west bound traffic.
Construction of the project is expected to start in late May or early June of 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in March of 2014. Plant establishment work commences once construction work is completed and will last until march of 2015.

Engineerís Estimate: $7,600,000.00
Award Amount: $7,884,557.00

Upon completion of this project, Route 152 will have standard 12-foot lane with improved pavement friction and sight distance, a wider 8-foot shoulder, and a dedicated left-turn lane for making left turns onto Lovers Lane.

District Contact Information
Project Manager: Fariba Zohourly
Phone Number: (510) 286-7239