California Department of Transportation

Office of System and Freight Planning

 System and Freight Planning is Caltrans long-range (20-years) transportation planning process to evaluate current and future operating conditions and deficiencies on the State transportation system. The process considers the entire transportation system, including highways and local arterials; transit services; railroads; airports; seaports; non-motorized modes of transportation (i.e. bicycles and walking); goods movement, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and local land use plans.FlowChart

All System and Freight Planning activities are conducted in an open environment where input is actively and aggressively solicited from the local agencies involved with guiding and approving local development. Our objective is to come to an early consensus with our external partners regarding the capacity of the State Highway System facilities needed to accommodate local growth. Caltrans and the local agencies can then work together to ensure transportation improvements accompany growth and ensure continued mobility for all Californians.

The traditional System Planning elements include the District System Management and Development Plan (DSMDP), Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP), Transportation Concept Reports (TCR), and the DSMP Project List (District System Management Plan; formerly Transportation System Development Plan or TSDP). Other documents created by the office include Goods Movement (Freight), Bicycle, and ITS/OPS plans, among others, all of which strive to further improve mobility and safety on highways within District 3. Please click on the diagram on the right to see the relationships between Caltrans System Planning Documents, Regional Planning Agency Documents, and the overall project development process.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Susan Zanchi, System Planning, Analysis, Modeling, and Forecasting Branch Chief, at (530) 741-4199 or E-mail

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