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Park and ride lots can help make your commute a breeze by offering a convenient and safe location to transfer from a single passenger vehicle or bicycle to a carpool, vanpool, or transit. Ridesharing or using transit saves you time and money, while reducing traffic congestion and energy consumption. Caltrans District 3 and its local and regional partners provide numerous park and ride lot locations, some with bicycle lockers, to help serve your commuting needs. Click on the map below to find a park and ride lot near you. For a spreadsheet version of the park and ride lots, click here.

District 3 Park and Ride Lot Map

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    Sukhi Johal
    Park and Ride Coordinator
    (530) 740-4843

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    • What is a park and ride lot?

      A park and ride lot is a parking lot that travelers can use as a meeting point to carpool, vanpool, pedalpool and/or ride transit to their final destinations.

    • Is there a cost to park at a park and ride lot?

      As long as you are carpooling, vanpooling, pedalpooling and/or using transit, park and ride lots owned or operated by Caltrans are free of charge. Most of the cities' or counties' park and ride lots are also free of charge; however, there may be an exception where unusual operating costs may require the operating agency to charge a small fee to cover special operating expenses.

    • Do I need a permit to park in a park and ride lot? Do I have a reserved space?

      No. Permits are not used at park and ride lots listed on this website. Park and ride lots are on a first come first serve basis. It is wise to have an alternate lot planned with your carpool, vanpool or pedalpool.

    • If I go to a park and ride lot will there be a ride waiting for me?

      No, unless you have made arrangements to meet up with carpool or vanpool partners. Carpools and vanpools in the Sacramento region are prearranged through the worksite or the Commuter Club ridematching database. To register for ridematching services visit the Sacramento Region Commuter Club. Once registered, you will be able to find matches to form/join carpools, vanpools and pedalpools.

    • How long can I leave my vehicle at a park and ride lot?

      As a rule, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will cite any vehicle left over 72-hours. Additionally, per Section 22518 of the California Vehicle Code, the CHP can also cite any vehicle left at the park and ride lot for usage other than commuter-related purposes.

    • Are there bicycle lockers at park and rides? How do I rent a bicycle locker?

      Several park and ride lots offer bicycle lockers. Caltrans District 3 rents bicycle lockers at Enterprise North park and ride lot free of charge. Contact the District 3 Park and Ride Coordinator for more details. For information on all other bicycle lockers at park and ride lots, please contact the bicycle locker owner indicated in the park and ride lot map details.

    • Are park and ride lot owners liable for damages to vehicles?

      No. Owners of the park and ride lots are not liable for any theft or damages that occur as a result of parking in the lots. Park and ride lot user are encouraged to secure their vehicles and remove valuables from plain sight, secure remove valuables in sight and report suspicious activity.

    • Is it illegal for vehicles to be left at a park and ride lot with FOR SALE signs on them?

      YES, it is illegal for a vehicle to be left at a park and ride lot with FOR SALE signs in the windows if the owner is not legitimately commuting. Section 22518 of the California Vehicle Code prohibits usage of the park and ride lot for vending or other commercial activity. However, no violation of the Vehicle Code occurred if the mentioned FOR SALE vehicle was left by the owner during their commuting hours.

    • Who owns and maintains the park and ride lots?

      The park and ride lots in the Sacramento region are owned and maintained by various entities including the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), local cities, counties, and transit agencies. For ownership information on a specific park and ride lot please see District 3 Park and Ride Lot Map and click on , or see District 3 Park and Ride Lot Spreadsheet.

    • How do I submit a maintenance request on a park and ride lot?

      Contact the lot owner regarding maintenance issue. For State owned and operated lots, use this to submit a maintenance request. If you need assistance, contact the park and ride coordinator listed above.

    • Who creates the rules and regulations for park and ride lots?

      Rules and regulations for each lot are dependent upon which entity owns and operates the lot. State owned park and ride facilities fall under the jurisdiction of the California Vehicle Code while other locally owned lots may have different regulations.

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