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In following its new mission statement, Caltrans is actively planning for a multimodal transportation network that meets the needs of all users. One innovative effort by District 3 (D3) to achieve this is the development of the D3 Complete Streets Plan (D3-CSP).

The D3 Division of Planning, Local Assistance, and Sustainability (DPLAS) is working with Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) to assist in this effort. The D3-CSP will establish a framework on which Caltrans District 3 and our stakeholders can work together in the region to achieve a vision for complete streets improvements on the State highways and highway corridors. The plan will include an inventory of the complete streets projects, identify district best practices, and create a maintenance agreement and template. 

This effort will establish a partnership-based process to identify bicycle, pedestrian, and transit enhancements that can be included in transportation improvement projects on the State Highway System (SHS). The D3-CSP development process is a foundational work needed to integrate Complete Streets into the system planning process and will translate into multi-modal project development.

The D3-DPLAS and KAI initiate communications with local and regional partners and identify opportunities for collaboration. Discrepancies between local, regional, and state priorities will be addressed to identify opportunities for creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial to these agencies. The challenge is to balance local needs for multimodal transportation options and highway needs with interregional travel and goods movement.

Please see the Outreach tab for more information on how you can participate.

Progress of this effort is presented and can be accessed on the Project Progress & Deliverables tab to see the most current deliverables.

The findings and recommendations from this effort will be incorporated into the System Planning Documents, Project Initiation Forms, project programming, and will inform local, regional, and statewide planning efforts.

For more information, please contact the Complete Streets Planning Coordinator


  • Caltrans District 3 worked closely with its regional partners and stakeholders in a collaborative effort to develop this Plan
  • Below are some of our outreach efforts and outreach materials for the District 3 Complete Streets Plan
Outreach Materials
February 2016
District 3 sent an invitation to Local Agencies to join the D3-CSP Project Development Team (PDT)
February 2016 - June 2016
Project Development Team Meetings
January 2017 Stakeholder Outreach/Workshops

The District 3 Complete Streets Plan progress is presented below. Please click on the links to access the deliverables.

Final Report

Task #
Task Description

Completion Date

Contract Administration and Project Management/Scoping
Complete Streets Project Inventory and District Efforts Analysis
Working Paper #2: Planning for Complete Streets Best Practices

Stakeholder Outreach


January 2017
Working Paper #3: Proposed Improvements, Procedures, and Next Steps
Working Paper #3
Complete Study




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