California Department of Transportation

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District 12 Minor Bid Inquiries, 12A1644

Advertise Date:  May 13, 2016
Bid Opening Date: May 27, 2016




1 Water spec states- ;Water must be non-potable water. Recycled (non-potable) water must be adequately oxidized and disinfected water that receives at least tertiary level treatment under 22 CA Code of Regs § 60301 et seq.
Interpretation_1: Is it assumed all recycled water meets this spec. or will certification and or testing be required. Will a construction meter off a recycled serviced hydrant be sufficient or is additional treatment and or verification required?

Yes,  recycled water from a recycled water source will be acceptable.  No additional testing is required.
2 A bond is required for the project, but there is no bid item for covering mobilization/performance bond cost where we would normally locate bond costs. Can a bid item be added for Mobilization/etc to cover Bond costs that are paid in full for prior to project start.
Interpretation_1: Please let us know if you have any questions, we are finding more projects where we are having to hold bonding cost over the entire project even though they are fully paid for upfront due to a lack of a payment resources or payment items per bid items.
Minor B projects do not allow for Mobilization as a bid item.  Your bond cost should be spread over items of work.