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San Diego RealTime Traffic Map

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GIS Illustrator Maps

These maps are for quick reference viewing and are in .jpg or .gif format.

If you desire to print out these maps on a plotter (HP 1055 recommended) and be able to see the detail, we recommend plotting in D size for the Post Miles, Kilo Posts, and Fiber Maps. And plot in E size for the Caltrans Traffic Signal Locations. If you require higher resolution quality, please contact Advanced Transportation System Engineering.

Fiber Optic CCTV Map

Postmile W/ Prefix Map

Kilopost Map

San Diego Fiber Optic Map
Updated 7/03
Postmile with Prifix Map San Diego Kilopost Map

D11 Signals Map


Fiber Optic Map

District 11 Signals Map Changeable Message Signs Existing & Future San Diego Fiber Map
Existing & Future


Fall 2000 Congestion Map (AM/PM)

Traffic Monitoring Stations Existing & Future Fall 2000 Congestion Map

Draft 2002 Projects.

Spring 2000 Congestion Map (AM/PM)

The "Draft" 2002 SHOPP 315 Candidate Projects SHOPP 315 Candidate Spring 2000 Congestion

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