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IMTMC Fact Sheet

Intermodal Transportation Management Center
San Diego
October 1998
    Add intermodal capability to the Caltrans Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)
    Facilitate the connectivity of advanced traffic management and traveler information systems
    Develop a regional network to integrate modal operations
    Provide an institutional framework for the cooperative management of the regional transportation system


Building on the Caltrans/California Highway Patrol Transportation Management Center, Phase 1 of the IMTMC will develop a regional plan for how various agencies can use advancing technology more effectively and cooperatively. This concept was defined as part of the recently completed San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Plan.


Phase 1 is currently underway and is expected to be completed by June 1999. The activities include:
    Inventory existing management systems at selected transportation agencies
    Develop requirements baselines for modal operations: Traffic Management, Transit Management, Traveler Information Management, Incident Response Management, CVO management
    Develop requirements and a high level design for the integration of modal operations into a regional intermodal transportation management network
    Develop an intermodal operational concept facilitating cooperative management of regional transportation operations
    Establish a Memorandum of Agreement between the involved agencies and partners
Phase 2 is scheduled to begin July, 1999. The activities will include:
    Detailed design and deployment of Version 3 of the ATMS to include intermodal applications
    Establishing the intermodal connectivity linking the region's modal management systems


The IMTMC Project (Phase 1 & 2) has been funded at $1.87 million. Funding for the project comes from Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) ITS Priority Corridor Program. This project is one of a number of projects sponsored by the FHWA and Caltrans through the Southern California ITS Priority Corridor Program. These "Showcase" projects are intended to demonstrate early deployment of the ITS National Architecture to integrate traffic management and traveler information systems.


As part of the region's ITS plan, a number of working groups were established to represent the needs of modal stakeholders during the design and deployment of ITS elements. Phase 1 of the IMTMC project will use these stakeholder groups to develop requirements definition and high level design for the region's modal management systems and their connection to an intermodal network. These groups include:
    SANDAG ITS Subcommittee
    IMTMC Subgroup
    Regional Traffic Signal Integration Subgroup
    Transit Management Subgroup
    Advanced Traveler Information System Subgroup
    Incident Management Subgroup
    Commercial Vehicle and International Border Freight Advisory Committee
Questions regarding the IMTMC project can be directed to:

SHAHIN SEPASSI , Caltrans, District 11, Ph No. (619) 467-3022.
For questions regarding the ITS Subcommittee or if you would like to be involved in a working group, please contact:

SAMUEL JOHNSON , SANDAG,   Ph. No (619) 699-6958.

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