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District Traffic Manager
Branch Chief:   FOROUD KHADEM
Phone No. (858) 467-4328
CALNET 8-734-4328
Caltrans Department of Transportation San Diego Transportation Management Center California Highway Patrol

Caltrans > District 11 > Traffic Operations > District Traffic Manager

 The District Traffic Manager's Office:
  • Transportation Management Plans (TMP)
  • Lane Closure Charts
  • Lane Closure Reviews
 Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
    The DTM Branch develops TMP elements to mitigate anticipated congestion from construction activities and planned lane closures on State highways.
 Lane Closure Charts
    Lane closure charts are developed by the District Traffic Manager Branch, using the latest available volumes. These lane closure charts provide work windows during which closure activity for various construction projects can take place. This is an effort to balance traffic demand and public convenience with contractor safety and productivity.
Lane Closure Reviews  
The DTM Branch acts as a clearing house for all planned closure activity on State routes in San Diego and Imperial counties. Lane closure requests are reviewed to insure:

Delays to the motoring public due to closure activity are minimized
Detours and alternative routes around work zones are available and viable

Coordination between projects along transportation corridors is accomplished.

Cooperation from all road users is required, therefore, please drive carefully through all Caltrans work zones.


Research & Development Area:
Automate Highway Construction and maintenance - TAMER, DRV, ACM

Worker Safety

Highway Worker Safety With due   honors to those workers  Caltrans has lost to accidents and other causes, while performing their work.

Fact Sheet

Caltrans Safety Program Links
 Transportation Management Plan
 Ajmal Zulali, Leadperson
 Maryam Hashami
 Ali Pirahanchi
 Chart Development
 Sal Salem, Leadperson
 Eric Chao
 Oscar Orozco
 Wahad Habbaba
 Lane Closure Management
 Scott Alvarez, Leadperson
 Elvira Graciano
 Alfredo Osuna
 Margaret Scheib

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