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San Diego - Coronado Bridge, Seismic Retrofit Project
 Coronado Bridge
San Diego

Seismic Retrofit Project

Moveable Median Barrier
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Caltrans > District 11 > Traffic Operations > Toll Bridge > Coronado Bridge, SRP Schedule

San Diego - Coronado Bridge Seismic Retrofit Schedule
March 1999
Project One

Description:   Retrofit toll main span superstructure
Begin/End construction:   Under Construction (Winter 1997)/Fall 1998
Est. cost:   $3.5 million
Project Two

Description:   Retrofit tower and foundation. Piers 2 - 24 and abutment (Coronado side)
Begin/End Construction:   Spring 1999/Summer 2001
Est. cost:   $48 million
Project Three

Description:   Retrofit tower and foundation. Piers 25-32
Begin/End construction:   Fall 1998/Winter 1999
Est. cost:   $5 million
Project Four

Description:   Retrofit approach ramps (San Diego side)
Begin /End construction:   Fall 1998/Winter 2000
Est. cost:   $14 million

Estimated total construction cost:  $70.5 million

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