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Caltrans is responsible for removing litter and large debris from the roadways. To do this, Caltrans relies on its maintenance crews and the California Highway Patrol to provide "traffic breaks" for removal of large debris, such as stoves and refrigerators, while probationers collect the smaller items, like paper, cans and bottles. The Department of Corrections now provides a limited number of detained individuals, one supervisor, and transportation. Estimates to clear litter from local freeways topped $2.5 million last year. This estimate includes use of probationers, equipment, and transport to a local landfill.
Things found on freeways include:

  • Mattresses are the most popular household item found on the highways (about 50 a month).
  • Aside from paper, bottles and cans, there are more tires collected than any other litter.
  • Litter crews remove an average of a rug a day from our highways.
  • Half of all containers found on our highways contained alcoholic beverages.
  • Litterbugs leave more trash on Interstate 5 than any other highway, with Interstate 15 ranking second.
  • There are at least a dozen refrigerators and stoves collected from area highways each month.
  • An estimated twenty ladders a month are found on our highways.

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