California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

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15 North Bound
Jul 28 '17 12:06:17
Caltrans - District 11 Map
1.5 Mi N/O Mission Rdno data
2.0 Mi N/O Rte 76no data
15 NB66 mph
1.0 Mi S/O Rte 7659 mph
15 NB @ Lawrence Welk Drno data
Deer Springs Rd75 mph
1 Mi S/O Deer Springs Rd75 mph
N/O Centre City Pkwyno data
Centre City Pkwy73 mph
S/O El Norte Pkwy75 mph
S/O Rte 7865 mph
Valley Parkway61 mph
Auto Park Way/9th Ave59 mph
N/O Felicita/Citracadono data
Felicita/Citracado Pkwy71 mph
N/O Via Rancho Pkwy60 mph
Via Rancho Parkway59 mph
S/O Via Rancho Parkway68 mph
Pomerado/W Bernardo50 mph
S/O Pomerado/W Bernardo63 mph
Green Valley Creek73 mph
N/O Rancho Bernardo Rd75 mph
Rho Bernardo Rd56 mph
N/O Bernardo Center Dr56 mph
Bernardo Center Dr59 mph
S/O Bernardo Center Dr70 mph
Camino del Norte67 mph
S/O Camino del Norte55 mph
N/O Carmel Mountain Rdno data
Carmel Mtn Rd60 mph
N/O 5660 mph
5656 mph
N/O Poway Rd69 mph
Poway/Rho Penasquitos62 mph
Mercy Rd59 mph
S/O Mercy Rd66 mph
Mira Mesa Blvd61 mph
N/O Carroll Cyn Rd59 mph
Carroll Canyon Rd58 mph
Miramar/Pomerado Rd56 mph
S/O Miramar Rd71 mph
Miramar Way61 mph
Ammo Rd70 mph
N/O 15/163 merge68 mph
163 Merge68 mph
S/O HOV lanes69 mph
N/O 5275 mph
Clairemont Mesa Blvd61 mph
S/O Clairemont Mesa Blvd61 mph
Balboa Ave66 mph
S/O Balboa Ave64 mph
Aero Dr67 mph
S/O Aero Dr61 mph
N/O Friars Rd57 mph
Friars Road62 mph
S/O Friars Rd56 mph
Fairmount Ave62 mph
S/O 859 mph
N/O Adams Ave69 mph
Adams Ave67 mph
El Cajon Blvd53 mph
University Ave55 mph
S/O University Aveno data
N/O 805no data
80575 mph
S/O 80572 mph
9455 mph
S/O Imperial Ave62 mph
S/O Ocean View Blvd57 mph