CONTRACT NO: 11-230404


In Imperial County In And Near Holtville From Grape Avenue To Evan Hewes Highway.

Existing Highway To Be Cold Planed And Resurfaced With Asphalt Concrete.

Advertise Date    03/27/00
Bids Open            05/04/00


DATE: 05/03/00

TIME: 17:00

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Inquiry No.
Where can we get cross sections for this project?

Cross Sections are available at:
5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 541-1500
(858) 278-0558 FAX 

Reference Section 10-1.18 EROSION CONTROL (TYPE D) / Item: 24 Erosion Control (Type D)
Where are the areas "as designated by the Engineer" since there is a quantity of 1.4 Hectares but no areas are shown in the plans?

Erosion Control (Type D) will be applied to disturbed areas within the median and as designated by the Engineer.

Reference Section 10-1.15B REMOVE RAILROAD APPURTENANCES / Item: 16 Remove Railroad Appurtenances
Do we salvage these to the railroad or is getting rid of these items the contractors responsibility?

Per Section 10-1.15 of the Special provisions it refers to Section 15 of the Standard Specifications which states in Section 15-2.03 Disposal.- Removed highway facilities that are not to be salvaged or reused in the work shall be the property of the Contractor and shall be disposed of as provided in Section 7-1.13,"Disposal of Material Outside the Highway Right of Way."

On page 62 of the Special Provisions and Plan Sheet 38 of 59 it talks about k-rail & temporary crash cushions as required by "Public Safety". I am unclear if these are required.

Temporary k-rail and temporary crash cushions are not required per the requirements of "Public Safety" as stated in the Special Provisions and per all work as shown on the plans. 

Reference Section 10-1.17 MAINTAINING TRAFFIC 
Is it the intent of the Specials to close IMP-115 Northbound/ Southbound during construction of the lane widening? 

No, it is not the intent to use charts 2, 4 & 5 for widening, charts 6 and 7 are intended for the widening work. On page 54 and 55 as shown on charts 2 and 4 the limits to perform work are from KP L16.3 / 15.35. 







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