CONTRACT NO: 11-1993U4


Imperial County near El Centro from 0.3 km south of Ross Road
to 0.1km north of Worthington Road.

Existing 2-lane Highway to be widened to a 4-lane Expressway.

Advertise Date    06/19/00
Bids Open            08/24/00


DATE: 08/23/00

TIME: 15:00

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Inquiry No.
Where are the cross sections for this project?

The cross sections will be available on 07/14/00 at:
5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
e-mail to

 Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Item 32: IMPORTED BORROW, Special Provision Section 10-1.27 EARTHWORK 

The Earthwork specification seems to contradict itself with the following two sentences:
1) "The portion of the embankment placed between the outer edges of the shoulders of the G line and from the original ground line to the structural section shall have a R-value of not less than 10 and a SE not less than 20." 
2) "The portion of imported borrow placed within 1.5 m of the finished grade shall have a R value of not less than 10."
Is it a requirement for the imported borrow to have an SE value not less than 20? 

  • The requirement for an R-value of not less than 10 and an SE value of not less than 20 shall apply to the material placed within the shoulder limits and only from the original ground upwards. The area outside the shoulder limits and within 1.5 M of finished grade shall have an R-value of not less than 10, the additional SE requirement does not apply to this area. The remaining areas shall be accordance with Section 19 of the Standard Specifications, which applies to all earthwork.






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