CONTRACT NO: 11-174324


In San Diego County Near Alpine From 0.6 km West Of Peutz
Valley Undercrossing To 0.3 km East Of Viejas Creek Bridge.

RR Restoration & Rehabilitation; Widen Bridges
(3 Structures) & Seismic Retrofit.

Advertise Date    07/03/00
Bids Open            10/05/00


DATE: 10/04/00

TIME: 17:00

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Inquiry No.
How do we obtain full size plan sheets?
  • Full size plans sheets are available from the Caltrans Office Engineer website at:

They can be printed directly from the above listed site or downloaded for printing at any available reprographics company. 
Plans sheets can also be ordered from:
5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
e-mail to

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

Please supply traffic charts for East Victoria Drive, Peutz Valley Road and California Riding and hiking Trail.

  • See Addendum No. 3.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

If Traffic Openings are required for each of the sites mentioned, then please provide details on height and width of openings and K-Rail placement. Also, supply quantity changes for the items affected by the traffic openings.

  • See Addendum No. 3.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

On the subject project at the Viejas Creek location  the CIDH work is large and complex. Steel casings are involved and the work is  wet. There is also Rock Socket work which extends the Pile into solid rock for a  distance of 5M (16.4 LF). Because of the nature of this work large, heavy  equipment must be used. Access to the work site is impossible from underneath  the bridges on the equestrian trail because of its size and particularly because  of environmental constraints. This work cannot be accomplished from the existing  bridge because of the size and weight of the equipment required and the weight  limitation of the existing structure. This leaves the only access to the work  from the median of I-8. The access provided by Caltrans in the median is Approx.  30' wide. Some of the rigs being considered to do this work are 30' wide when  extended. This leaves no room for sloping access ramps, stockpiling material  etc. It would seem impossible to perform this scope of work within the area  which has been cleared for access. How are we suppose to install these  piles without room to accommodate the size of the equipment required to do the  work?

  • Bid it as you see it.





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