CONTRACT NO:  11-241184
ROUTE / KP 11-SD-67-R6.3/29.8
LOCATION In San Diego County In Santee And Poway From Riverford Road Undercrossing To 0.1 Km South Of Archie Moore Road..
DESCRIPTION Overlay With Slurry Seal And Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (type O).
ESTIMATE $ 2,000,000.00
BID OPENING 12/02/04 12/09/04
FINAL POSTING 12/08/04    @   15:35

DALEY CCAC , JV $2,542,886.00

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Inquiry No.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Items 17-20

Question=With regard to paving and slurry items 17-20, is it Caltrans
intention to perform CONTRACT NO. 11-241184 during the Winter months?

The average daytime temperature for Lakeside, California during the Winter
is 56.7 degrees, and the average nightime temperature is 39.7 degrees.  With
this in mind, it is doubtfull that your working shift charts are applicable
(with regard to allowable paving temperatures) until sometime in the late

The per shift Rubber Asphalt Plant and Slurry Plant fees are much to
expensive for the Contractor to play a guessing game with temperature during
the Winter and early Spring months!  With Liquidated Damages being at
$6,200.00 per day, this also lends credence to performing this project
during the warmer months.

  • Please bid per the contract documents.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 1 "Warranty", Special Provisions section 10-1.22.

Question=With approximately 2.5 million square feet of existing AC surfacing, currently under traffic, that will be subject to Warranty coverage; how does Caltrans anticipate the Contractor to identify areas for exclusion and how will Caltrans review these areas?  Will the Contractor be required to establish traffic control?  If so, how much time per lane mile will Caltrans need for review? 

             Question, How does Caltrans anticipate the Contractor to identify areas or exclusion and how will Caltrans review these areas?

    • Please refer to Section 10-1.22, "Warranty," of the Special Provisions,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Paragraph 6:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The warranty shall not apply to excluded areas designated on the plans and to other identified areas where the existing surfacing prior to application of surfacing, contains defective areas as determined by the Engineer.  At least 7 days prior to beginning placement of the rubberized asphalt concrete (Type O), the Contractor shall submit to the Engineer a written list of existing defective areas, identifying the lane direction, lane number, starting and ending highway post locations and defect type.  Within 4 working days of receiving the list of existing defective areas, the Engineer will review the list and provide the Contractor written approval or revisions of the areas, as being excluded from the warranty.  Defects in the existing surfacing which may qualify areas for exclusion from the warranty include: rutting greater than 9 mm, patches of cold mixed asphalt concrete placed within the last 12 months, and 30-m lengths of lane or shoulder in which the cracking exceeds 10 percent as determined by the length of interconnecting cracks in the wheel paths divided by 60 m and expressed as a percentage.  Rutting that shall be excluded from the warranty is defined as a longitudinal depression in the wheel path that, when measured by placing a straightedge 3.6± 0.06-m long on the finished surface and perpendicular with the center line, varies more than 9 mm from the lower edge of the straightedge or a 160-m length that shows an average rut measurement, when measured from the California Profilgraph, greater than 9 mm.  Segments of the project excluded from warranty for rutting or cracking shall be warrantied for the other criteria.  Segments repaired by the Contractor shall be warrantied for all criteria.  Placement of the rubberized asphalt concrete (Type O) shall not begin until the Engineer has approved the list of existing defective areas, and repairs included in the contract have been made.  The rubberized asphalt concrete (Type O) placed over areas, shown on the plans or designated by the Engineer, to be repaired shall be warrantied.
    Question:  Will the Contractor be required to establish traffic control?  If so, how much time per lane mile will Caltrans need for review? 
    • Please refer to Section10-1.22, "Warranty," of the Special Provisions, paragraphs 5, 24, 25 :

    Paragraph 5:
    Construction area signs, shown on the plans, shall be removed upon completion of the contract item work, except for work required by the warranty.  During the warranty period, the Contractor shall place and maintain signs in conformance with Section 12-3, "Traffic-Handling Equipment and Devices," of the Standard Specifications and these special provisions.  Signs shall be, at the Contractor's option, either stationary mounted or portable signs conforming to the provisions in "Construction Area Signs" of these special provisions.

    Paragraph 24:
    Full compensation for furnishing construction area signs required for the direction of public traffic through or around the work during the warranty period and for erecting or placing, maintaining (including covering and uncovering as needed) and, when no longer required, removing construction area signs at locations shown on the plans, during the warranty period, shall be considered as included in the contract lump sum price paid for warranty and no separate payment will be made therefor.

    Paragraph 25
    Except for flagging costs, full compensation for providing the traffic control system shown on the plans (including signs), during the warranty period, shall be considered as included in the contract lump sum price paid for warranty and no separate payment will be made therefor.  Flagging costs will be paid for as provided in Section 12-2.02, "Flagging Costs," of the Standard Specifications.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=1)Plan Sheet X-1 "Notes", number 5 "Fog Seal requirement" 
2) Bid Item 1 "Warranty"

Question= 1) Per note #5"Fog seal coat shall be applied to all AC surfaces except traveled ways and detours". Does Caltrans wish to apply fog seal to the open graderd (Type O) AC paving

  • Fog seal coat shall be applied to all AC surfaces except traveled ways and detours

                          2) (A) for definition of existing AC paving that shall be Warranteed by the contractor, does this include the area which has been       previously completed by others? (B) or, are these areas allowed to be excluded from the Warranty?

  • Please refer to the response to Inquiry No. 2. 
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