CONTRACT NO:  11-2326U4
ROUTE / KP 11-SD-15-M27.8/M30.7
LOCATION In San Diego County In San Diego From Mercy Road Undercrossing To 0.6 Km South Of The Route 56/15 Separation.
DESCRIPTION Construct Added And Auxiliary Lanes, Ramp Widening, Bridge Widening And Retrofit. 
ESTIMATE $ 13,500,000.00
BID OPENING 03/11/0404/01/04  04/15/04
FINAL POSTING 04/14/04    @   15:35

FCI CONSTRUCTORS, INC. $15,344,700.00

The Caltrans District 11 Office is located at 2829 Juan Street, San Diego, CA 92110. The mailing address is P.O. Box 85406, San Diego, CA 92186-5406. The District 11 Duty Senior telephone number is (619) 688-6635. Please submit all inquiries in the proper format by fax to (619) 688-6988 or e-mail to:
The responses to bidder' inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addenda to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The responses may be considered along with all other information furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding on the project. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder' inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.
Caltrans District 11 Construction Department has developed this method of answering Bidder's Inquiries to better serve the needs of the Contractors who bid on our Projects. Caltrans District 11 Construction Department will post all of the questions submitted by any of the contractors that are registered Planholders for that Contract, but reserves the right to not answer any questions deemed unsatisfactory for public viewing.
The BIDDER'S INQUIRIES & RESPONSES will be updated continuously and all attempts will be made to do the final posting by 15:00 on Wednesday prior to the bid opening.

   ADDENDUM NO.1 02/23/04
ADDENDUM NO.2 03/18/04
ADDENDUM NO.3 03/29/04 
 ADDENDUM NO.4 04/08/04


Inquiry No.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS

When will the cross sections be available and where?

  • Cross sections will  be available as of 02/11/03 and can be downloaded for printing from the link above at any local printing firm or on your own printing equipment or at:
      5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
      San Diego, CA 92123
      (858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
      e-mail to San Diego, CA 92123
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

Plan sheet 24 indicates the entire Los Penasquitos Creek as an ESA area.  Will a crossing be allowed.  Secondly, bent 4 is shown within the ESA area. Please review.

  • A bridged crossing will be allowed over the ESA.  The Contractor will also be allowed to encroach the ESA to perform the planned work at bent 4 providing that all environmental and SWPPP requirements specified in the contract are met.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=77  Structure Concrete Bridge  Plan Sheet No. 169-230

On various precast girder projects, the State, on occasion, has allowed the use of stay in place (STIP) metal decking as an alternative in the Contract Special Provisions.  At the same time, precast girder projects have been completed with (STIP) metal decking when in fact it was not listed as an alternative in the Contract Special Provisons.  Will stay in place metal decking be allowed on this project?

  • Please bid per the contract documents. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Plan sheet L-1/L-3

Question=Will the frontage road right of the Caltrans R/W be available for access to the work at Los Penasquitos Creek?

  • For the avialability of the frontage providing access to the work at Los Penasquitos Creek  see the CITY OF SAN DIEGO TRAFFIC CONTROL PLAN PERMIT included in the MIBs link above.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Plan Sheet L-6/L-8

Question=It appears that a majority of the planned work from station 308+/- to the end of work has been completed.  What are the changes as a result of this circumstance?

  • An addendum will be issued shortly addresing this inquiry.
Plan Sheet / Specification R eference= Item #40 & Sheet Q-1 Quantity Summary

Question=Plan sheet Q-1 indicates a total quantity of 11607 M3 for roadway excavation, but Bid Item #40 (Roadway Excavation) is a quantity of 7810 M3.  Please clarify.

  • An addendum will be issued shortly addresing this inquiry.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Coordination

Site review indicates that there may be an existing fiber optic line in the area of the SB 15 widening north and south of the Los Penasquitos bridge.  This utility is not shown on the plans or discussed in the special provisions.  Please review.

  •  This fiber optic line (f/o) is shown as existing, I-15 southbound right shoulder, sheet E-3, LIGHTING AND SIGN ILLUMINATION FIBER OPTIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM LIGHTING CONDUIT (BRIDGE),  plan sheet 160.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=1,2,3)Layout sheet L-3. 4) Sheet #129 (HP-1).

1) Will we be allowed to use the frontage road (and the existing lower arched   Los 
     Penasquitos Bridge) for access to Los Penasquitos Bridge #57-0106R)?
2) Is water aviable @ the lower bridge?
3) There is a footpath under the existing arch bridge, which continues under Bridge 
     #57-0106R: 1)Can this be widened through the ESA area for access?
                            2)If we cannot use this for access do we have to maintain it
                                for pedistrain access during construction? 
4)Erosion control (Type D)850m2; is this a no pay item?
5)I've heard that this job is to be postponed until April 15th?

  • 1)Please see response to Inquiry No. 4.
  • 2)For the availability of water at the lower bride please see the letter from the CITY      OF SAN DIEGO, WATER AVAILABILITY, included in the MIBs link above.
  • 3)               1)NO.
  •                    2)NO. 
  • 4)Erosion control (Type D) shown on column no. 2 of table entitled EROSION CONTROL QUANTITY SUMMARY, plan sheet no. 129 of the project plans, is EROSION CONTROL BLANKET, shown on column no. 3.This is a pay item (Contract Item No. 51, EROSION CONTROL (BLANKET)) as shown on page 5 of the contract special provisions.
  • 5)See Addendum No. 3 above. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= 86(S), Elastomeric Bearing Pads for
Precast Concrete Girders. Plan number 222 of 237.

On the contract plan, pier cap detail, the bearing pads are specified as 100mm thick. Is this correct?

  •  Your question has been noted.  Please bid per the contract plans.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= 86(S), Bearing Pads for Precast
Concrete Girders, plan number 201 of 237.

Bearing Pad Detail on the plan shows galv. sheet metal on top of
pad. Is the sheet metal required for every bearing pad on this project, or
only at the abutments? Right side and left side?

  •  Your question has been noted.  Please bid per the contract plans.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= 86(S), Prestressed I Girders. Plan
sheet number 226 of 237.

Section C-C on the plan shows 6 #43 rebars at the bottom of the
girder (plan number 209 shows only 3 #43 bars). The elevation appears to
only show one level of #43 rebars projecting from the end of the girder, and
having "Ultimate" splice or T-head. Are all 6 bars extended, with splice or
T-head, or only 3?

  •  Your  question has been noted.  Please bid per the contract plans.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item #68 Concrete Pavement

Bid item #68 indicates 2420cm of concrete pavement..actual take off and quantity sheet Q-1 actually show in excess of 3600cm of concrete pavement. Is there and adendum being issued regarding this item?

  •  See Addedum No. 3 above for revised Bid Item # 68 quantity.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=EARTHWORK - Roadway Embankment
Sheet Q-1

Under Earthwork Quantities, there appears to be 7581 CM of Embankment from SB "SD-15" STA 300+15 to 302+64; however, there seems to be no work between these stations.  What happens between these stations to provide this amount of Embankment? 

  •  See Addendum No. 3 above and the revised posted earthwork cross sections.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

1)Are "As-Builts" construction documents available for our review?

2)Are there any additional Geotechnical information pertinent or specific to the site available for review including but not limited to: previous investigation(s), historical geologic maps, logs, etc.?

3)Our site review noted that there are different rock types in the vicinity of the existing structures.  Is there any data or information identifying the rock quality including but not limited to: rock type, consistency, rock competence, hardness, permeability (fracture permeability or otherwise), fracture patterns, etc.?

4)What subsurface conditions should be anticipated at each pile location when drilling in the natural overburden? Same question applies to when drilling in the man-placed shot rock fill? 

5)Water was observed flowing in Penasquitos Creek; can we anticipate water in any of the CIDH excavations?  If so, at what volume and / or rate of infiltration?  At what elevation or depth? Which piles might / would be affected?

6)If it is necessary to stabilize the upper portion (overburden) of the CIDH pile will the installation of a permanent CMP liner be permitted?   We anticipate that if allowed, this CMP will need to extend a nominal depth into the rock.

7)What type of tooling can we anticipate to be appropriate for the anticipated rock drilling or coring referred to in the Special Provisions? 

  • 1) As-Builts plans are available for review and purchase at the Caltrans District 11 main office located at 2829 Juan Stree San Diego, CA.
  • 2) See Addendum No. 4 above  includes additional Geotechnical information. This additional Geotechnical information is also found in the MIBs II link above. 
  • 3) See response to (2) above.
  • 4) See response to (2) above.
  • 5) See response to (2) above.
  • 6) Please bid per the contract plans and specifications.
  • 7) See response to (2) above. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=1) PAGE 92 OF THE SPECIAL CONDITIONS (SECTION 5-1.2 MIGRATORY BIRDS)

1)Swallows were observed nesting in the existing columns as of 3-29-04.

Will we be allowed to work during the nesting season if no nests are visible?

Will we be able to work during the nesting season if swallows are inside the columns?

If swallows are observed outside of the nesting season, & inside the columns
how will exclusion tecniques be used to mitagate this problem? Will we be able
to work If this situation occurs? If this situation occurs will this be      considered a right of way delay?

  • The answer is no. No work will be allowed during the nesting season. If we start work in September (outside of the breeding season), we will be out of the nesting season and swallows won't be present.  This will give us a chance to get rid of the nests before the season begins in spring of 05 to deter the birds from coming back within the construction footprint.  We may even need to put some sort of netting up to further deter them. However, if the area is in active construction I believe it will be too disruptive and the swallows may not return. As far as observing a swallow outside of the nesting season, it is unlikely since these species migrate south for the winter.  We do have another species of bird (the white-throated swift) that has been observed using the drain holes for nesting and possibly stays here through winter.  As far as working outside of the breeding season (September through February), this is fine as long as we do not harm the bird itself.  We can work on the bridge, inside the columns, etc.  It is only when the breeding season starts that we will need to come up with some exclusionary devices, if the work cannot be performed before that (September through February). 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= L-3

Existing chain link fence that runs under the Los Penasquitos bridge that is not on the right of way will be destroyed by the planned work, and is not shown to be replaced. Will this need to be replaced, and if so how will it be paid for?

  • If this fence needs replacement, it will be handled in accordance Section 9-1.03 of the Standard Specifications.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Contract plan sheets 204 & 222

Reference is made to the pour staging on the pier cap detail and note#1. Is it safe to assume that the falsework for the pier cap loading is for the cap construction alone, or do the loads of the precast girder and the concrete deck need to be taken into account. 

  •  The loads of the precast girder and the concrete deck need to be taken into account.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Prestressed I Girders

Question: Is it acceptable to lift and place new prestressed I girders using cranes set up on existing bridge structure?  Attached drawing shows set up locations and outrigger loadings.  Main load bearing (rear) outriggers to be located on pile cap beams and front outrigger loads to be spread over two girders by means of crane mats.

  • This proposal would have to be approved by the Engineer in the field. Whether this proposal would be approved depends on the existing bridge and the loads to be imposed. Caltrans, in the past, has allowed cranes to set up on existing bridges. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Bid Item 104 thru 107 Alternative Pipe Culvert Sheet 53, D-19

Question=The Alternate Pipe table at the bottom of sheet 53 calls out Corrugated Steel Pipe as an allowable Alternative Pipe, the Gage of material & coating (if required) is not specified.
What Gage Pipe and Coating (if required) is allowed?

  •  2.01 mm thickness, Bituminous Coated CSP needs to be used.

CALTRANS OFFICE ENGINEER: Contract Advertisement, Special Provisions, Plan Holders, Contract Awards, etc.