Interstate 5 North Coast Corridor Project

North Coast Corridor Public Works Plan/Transportation
and Resource Enhancement Program (NCC PWP/TREP)

NOTE: This page contains the current version of the NCCPWP/TREP document. To view an archive of previous versions that have been superseded, please see:

Draft Amendment #2: August 2016

The following draft amendment to the NCC PWP/TREP only modifies Section 5.5 - Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas and Special-Status Species, which is downloadable below (revisions shown in red). Pile driving during the nesting season may be necessary for bridge construction. This proposed amendment to the NCC PWP/TREP would allow pile driving activities during the bird breeding season with the implementation of protection, monitoring, and mitigation requirements.

The California Coastal Commission is expected to consider this amendment for approval in late 2016.

Please join us at the public hearing for this draft amendment on October 11, 2016 at the Encinitas Community Center (Banquet Hall), located at 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive in Encinitas, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Section 5.5 - Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas and Special-Status Species (revisions begin on page 5.5-41)

Current NCC PWP/TREP: Adopted June 2014; Amended March 2016 (Amendment #1)

On March 9, 2016, the California Coastal Commission approved an amendment to the NCC PWP/TREP document. As detailed in the Summary of Changes document below, the previous amendment consisted of the following revisions:

• Minor changes and clarifications to the description of the Coastal Rail Trail projects identified in the NCC PWP/TREP intended to describe the location as within, or immediately adjacent to, the LOSSAN rail corridor right-of-way, and to provide that, in areas where there are environmental, safety, or physical constraints, the trail shall not be located any further than 150 feet from the LOSSAN right-of-way as generally depicted on the approved PWP/TREP maps. These changes do not identify or select an alignment for Coastal Rail Trail projects along the corridor.
• Changes within the document regarding proposed public access and recreation project components, including clarifying the parking locations for rail stations, as well as clarifications of the description of community enhancements in Solana Beach to describe a new rail undercrossing at San Elijo Lagoon for trail connectivity.
• Provisions regarding rock slope protection requirements that may be necessary at bridge abutments due to federal highway standards, including monitoring and mitigation requirements.
• Changes to existing standards regarding lagoon protections during construction equipment fueling to ensure additional protection of water quality and biological resources.
• The addition of Appendix B-1 (Lighting Standards) to accurately reflect Caltrans' current lighting standards and make minor mapping changes to reflect existing and proposed lighting throughout the corridor.

Summary of Changes in March 2016 Amendment
PWP/TREP Overview
Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Context
Chapter 3A - The North Coast Corridor Problem: Transportation and Resource Deficiencies
Chapter 3B - The Corridor Vision: Project Solution
Chapter 4 - Scope of Planned Improvements
Section 5.0 - Coastal Development Policies and Resources
Section 5.1 - Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction
Section 5.2 - Promotion of Public Transit and Smart Growth
Section 5.3 - Public Access and Recreation
Section 5.4 - Marine Resources: Water Quality and Wetlands
Section 5.5 - Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas and Special-Status Species
Section 5.6 - Archaeological and Paleontological Resources
Section 5.7 - Coastal Visual Resources
Section 5.8 - Site Stability and Management
Section 5.9 - Agricultural Resources
Section 5.10 - Coastal Act Policy Conflict Resolution
Chapter 6A - Implementation
Chapter 6B - Resource Enhancement and Mitigation Program

- Appendix A - Safe Access to Transit and Coastal Resources
- Appendix B - Visual Resources Photo Documentation
- Appendix B-1 - Lighting Standards
- Appendix C - I-5 North Coast Corridor Design Guidelines
- Appendix D - San Diego Region Coastal Sea Level Rise Analysis
- Appendix E - Water Quality Technical Memorandum
- Appendix F - Agricultural Viability Analysis
- Appendix G - Transportation White Paper
- Appendix H - Resource Enhancement and Mitigation Program Mitigation Site Assessments
- Appendix I - North Coast Corridor Economic Impact Analysis
- Appendix J - Alternatives Analysis
- Appendix K - Lagoon Optimization Studies

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