California Department of Transportation

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon


Del Norte County pedestrians in Crescent City crossing US Highway 101 about one mile south of Washington Boulevard will notice something new this fall! A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) is a special type of crosswalk. When activated, PHB's use flashing and solid lights to signal vehicles to stop. Using a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is simple for both drivers and pedestrians.

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area map

Here's how it works. [click on the image for a printable PDF chart]

area map


To learn more about how to use a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, please watch this video produced by the City of Fort Collins, Colorado.


Additional information from the Federal Highway Administration: Proven Safety Countermeasures - Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon


Questions about the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon?
Contact Caltrans at (707) 441-3998