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Palmdale Boulevard (SR-138) Roundabout

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Roundabouts are used statewide, nationally and internationally on highways, county routes and city streets. The roundabout at the intersection of Palmdale Boulevard (SR-138) and 47th Street East in the City of Palmdale is the first of its kind on a state route in Los Angeles County. 

A roundabout is a transportation management tool that moves traffic through an intersection often without needing to stop. This creates a free flow intersection, with one-way (counter clockwise) movement around a central island. Entering traffic must yield the right-of-way to traffic circulating within the roundabout.

The new SR-138 roundabout cost $19 million to construct and will facilitate the flow of traffic through this area of Palmdale, enhance highway safety and reduce traffic delays and fuel consumption.

How to Drive in a Roundabout

  • Speed – Drive at the appropriate posted speed.
  • Yield – When entering, yield to all traffic in lanes circulating within the roundabout.
  • Choose Your Lane – Drivers must make the appropriate lane choice, based on their destination, prior to entering a multi-lane roundabout. Never pass or overtake another vehicle after entering a roundabout.
  • Emergency Vehicles – Do not impede emergency vehicles. If you are within the roundabout when an emergency vehicle approaches, exit at the first opportunity and then pull over.
  • Pedestrian Safety – All pedestrians must cross at designated crosswalks. Motorists must yield to pedestrians.
  • Bicyclists – Bicyclists are encouraged to walk their bikes in the roundabout and use pedestrian crosswalks. Only experienced bicyclists should ride within the roundabout



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