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Interstate 5 Major Improvement Project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to improve Interstate 5 between State Route 91 and Interstate 710, a length of approximately 26 kilometers (16 miles), by widening to provide a minimum of 10 lanes. At present, I-5 consists of eight lanes from SR-91 to Beach Boulevard, six lanes from Beach Boulevard to I-605, and eight lanes from I-605 to I-710. The portion of I-5 in Orange County south of SR-91 has been widened to 10 lanes (one High Occupancy Vehicle lane and four mixed flow lanes in each direction with future provisions for 12 lanes).

Project History

Caltrans, in collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the I-5 Consortium Cities Joint Powers Authority (JPA), Orange County Transportation Authority, Federal Transit Administration and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), has completed a Major Investment Study (MIS) to develop improvements for I-5 that would improve mobility and achieve acceptable levels of traffic operation. (An MIS is an integral part of a metropolitan area's long-range planning process that is designed to provide decision-makers with better and more complete information on the options available for addressing identified transportation problems.) The I-5 MIS identified a Locally Preferred Alternative which proposed to widen the existing roadway to a 10 lane, at-grade facility (one High Occupancy Vehicle lane and four mixed flow lanes in each direction). This alternative would also include increases to bus and rail transit services, and Intelligent Transportation Service (ITS) improvements along I-5 and adjacent arterials.

When the MIS was completed in July 1998, funding for the ultimate improvements, the I-5 Major Improvement Project, was not available. The I-5 Interim HOV Project was then initiated in order to assist the declining level of service on the freeway until the ultimate improvements could be implemented. The environmental document for this project was completed in September of 1999 and proposed to add a non-standard HOV lane in each direction of I-5 from SR-91 to Lakewood Boulevard.

In July 2000, Governor Gray Davis signed Transportation Congestion Relief legislation (http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist07/tcrp/tcrp_index.htm), which provided $5.3 billion in critically needed transportation resources to fund more than 100 locally recommended projects throughout California. One of the chosen projects was the ultimate I-5 Major Improvement Project that was studied in the MIS.

Project Map


The I-5 Corridor Improvement Project is intended to improve mobility in the corridor by substantially increasing capacity and improving safety. Some of the immediate benefits are:
  • Elimination of the northbound bottleneck due to the reduction of 5 lanes to 4 lanes between the Orange and LA County lines
  • Performance improvements to major intersections and interchanges
  • Additional capacity to handle the forecasted demands
  • Upgraded I-5 corridor which meets current Caltrans and FHWA design standards
  • Improved access to regional transit and HOV facilities
  • Improved freeway level of service during peak travel hours
  • Reduced travel time delays and congestion-related incidents

Environmental Planning

The I-5 corridor traverses a fully developed urban area with residential and commercial zones immediately adjacent to the freeway. The environmental impacts on the community need to be carefully evaluated. Early public consultation, or scoping will be done to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the planning process, and that all potential issues are addressed in the environmental document.

Caltrans will be preparing design plans and environmental documents in the following sequence:

  • Interstate 5/Carmenita Road Interchange (Approved 6/20/01)
  • State Route 91 to Interstate 605 (Segment A) (Approved 12/31/07)
  • Interstate 605 to Interstate 710 (Segment B)
  • Interstate 5/Interstate 710 Interchange (Segment C)

If you would like to be on the mailing list for one of these projects, please write to one of the following addresses. Be sure to state which segment you are interested in.

By Mail:
  • Mr. Ron Kosinski, Deputy District Director
    Division of Environmental Planning , MS 16a
    100 South Main Street, Suite 100
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Re: I-5 Corridor Improvement Project
By eMail:

Proposed Schedule

Interstate 5 Corridor Improvement Project - Subject To Change

Segment Name


Start of Construction 

End of Construction


Coyote Creek OC/Marquardt Ave




Artesia Blvd/Coyote Creek OC




Shoemaker Ave/Silverbow Ave




Silverbow Ave/Orr and Day OH




Orr and Day OH/RTE 605 IC



Segment Name

Location on I-5

Project Approval Anticipated

Initiate Right of Way Process

Begin Construction

Carmenita Interchange

Carmenita Road

Approved 6/20/01

Summer 2008



State Route 91 to Interstate 605

Approved 12/31/07

Summer 2009

Winter 2012


Interstate 605 to Interstate 710

May 2017

May 2019

Winter 2025


Interstate 710 Interchange

May 2017

May 2019

Winter 2025

Segment B

Scoping Notice

Download PDF Advertisement

Segment A

Scoping Summary Report

Download PDF
You can view a full copy of this report at the following locations:
  • Buena Park - Public Works Department, Buena Park Library
  • Commerce - Public Works Department, Atlantic Branch Library, Greenwood Branch Library
  • Downey - Public Works Department, Downey City Library
  • La Mirada - Public Works Department, La Mirada County Library
  • Norwalk - Community Development Department, Norwalk Regional Library, Alondra Library, County of Los Angeles Public Library
  • Santa Fe Springs - Public Works Department, Santa Fe Springs City Library

Below, are the wall graphic summaries for both PUBLIC and AGENCY I-5 scoping meetings for Segment A. The meetings were held on December 3, 2001 and December 5, 2001. All wall graphic summaries are available in PDF format, or viewable with your browser.
Public Agency
December 3, 2001 (PDF) December 3, 2001 (PDF)
December 5, 2001 (PDF) December 5, 2001 (PDF)

Project Design Plans

The Selected alternative for the Interstate 5 Corridor Improvement Project is Alternative 4B Ten-Lane Value Analysis Alignment Alternative. Below are design plans showing the proposed freeway alignment. Design plans will continue to be refined as we further develop our design, and thus the Right of Way impacts may vary in some locations. For property specifics questions please contact us for further assistance.

Click on section numbers to view associated plans.

Caltrans Contacts

Title Name Phone E-mail
Area Manager Mr. Edward Andros (213) 897-7222 Edward.Andros@dot.ca.gov
Project Manager
(Segment 1 & 2)
Mr. Diaa Yassin (213) 897-0528 Diaa.Yassin@dot.ca.gov
Area Manager Mr. Emad Gorgy (213) 897-6746 Emad.Gorgy@dot.ca.gov

Project Manager
(Segment 3, 4, & 5)

Mr. Syed Huq

(213) 897-6714


Project Manager
(Segment B & C)
Mr. Abdi Saghafi (213) 897-9810 Abdi.Saghafi@dot.ca.gov

Local City Contacts

Buena Park, Commerce, Downey, La Mirada, Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs (Represented by The I-5 Consortium Cities Joint Powers Authority)

Title Name Phone E-mail
Executive Director / Authority Engineer Yvette Kirrin (626)921-4477 Yvette@kes-inc.com

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