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  • As part of a new freeway project
  • As a part of a freeway widening project
  • Under the Community Noise Abatement Program

The immediate key questions that need to be answered are:

1. Does the area qualify? If yes...

In order for the area to qualify, it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Residential property built prior to the freeway or prior to a major widening.
  • Has hourly noise levels that exceed the 67-decibel (Leg) threshold
  • Must be able to achieve at least a 5-decibel reduction
  • Cost does not exceed $35,000 per residential unit (1987 dollars)

2. When will it be built? If not soon...

Normally, engineering and construction scheduling are not a problem. However, the availability of funds is usually the major stumbling block, which generally means waiting.

3. Where does it stand on the waiting list?

Because the demand for soundwalls has far exceeded the funding to build them, a priority waiting list has been developed. This waiting list is based on a formula, which combines noise levels, number of living units and cost effectiveness to produce a ranking.


Cost and Design Features

  • Total Cost: Averages about $450 per lineal foot or $2.4 million per mile.
  • Type of Wall: Usually reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete block or combination earth mound/wall.
  • Footings: Trench, spread or pile footings are used as appropriate.
  • Typical Height: 8 to 16 feet, depending on specific design needs.
  • Aesthetic Treatment: Decorative concrete block, e.g. color split face, slumpstone, fluted is used.
  • Engineering of Plans: Typically 12 months.
  • Construction Project: Typically 12 months

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