Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
RE Abdul Aljamal explains the construction of retaining walls adjacent to the Weldon Canyon overcrossing.

PHOTO HIGHLIGHT: Discovery Channel Interviews Truck Lane RE for Hit Show
by  Kelly Markham
Issue Date: 10/2013

On October 29, filmmakers shooting an episode of the Discovery Channel’s hit show Strip the City interviewed Abdul Aljamal, resident engineer on the I-5 truck lane project. The crew shot in numerous locations within the project limits, including the Gavin Canyon undercrossing, the I-5 median, and the Weldon Canyon overcrossing. The filmmakers were particularly interested in the challenges the construction team must overcome to widen a high-volume freeway in a rugged, mountainous area like the Newhall Pass.

Strip the City uses CGI animation to strip major cities naked of their steel, concrete, buildings, roads, rivers and bedrock — layer by layer — to explore the technology and infrastructure that keeps them running. Each show also introduces the people who are instrumental in keeping these cities alive and well — the engineers, like Abdul, building and looking after the city's infrastructure. The episode featuring Abdul and the truck lane project is expected to air in March 2014.




The filmmakers haul equipment on the Gavin Canyon overcrossing. Discovery Channel filmmaker Johnny Shipley shoots footage of RE Abdul Aljamal speaking with a member of the construction crew on the Gavin Canyon overcrossing. RE Abdul Aljamal explains the work being done at the Gavin Canyon undercrossing to 'Strip the City' filmmakers. RE Abdul Aljamal explains the construction of a massive soil nail wall near Weldon Canyon.