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Current Issue: September 2014
District 7’s 2011 UNCF Hoops Tournament Champs:  (from left) Peter Dinh, 2nd Place Men’s Division; Nikita Peterson, 1st Place, Women’s Division; Mohammed Haider, 1st Place, Men’s; Ozelle Wilson, 2nd Place, Women’s; and Peter Jones, 3rd Place, Men’s.

District 7 Raises Funds for the United Negro College’s Walk for Education
by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 06/2011

District 7 employees generously donate $2500 to the non-profit for educational programs.

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The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) annual fundraising campaign concluded in May with the culmination of three events to help raise money for the organization’s educational programs.

District 7's UNCF Committee sponsored a barbeque lunch served during February’s Black History Month activities, held a basketball ‘Hoops Tournament’, and organized the department’s participation in the UNCF Walk for Education.

This year’s fundraising efforts resulted in District 7 pledging $2500 for UNCF education programs via the 29th Annual UNCF Walk for Education.

District 7 committee members include Stephanie Jones, External Affairs; Ozell Wilson, Transportation Planning; Joyce Gresham, External Affairs; Nikita Peterson, External Affairs; Darryl Mays, Design; Daria Simolke, Transportation Planning; Labell Washington, Operations and Tanisha Butcher, Project Management.

“Caltrans participation in the UNCF Walk for Education demonstrates the department’s commitment to local community partnerships and to raising awareness of career opportunities at Caltrans for high school and college students,” said Deborah Robertson, Deputy District Director, External Affairs.

“The UNCF Committee thanks everyone who attended the events, supported the fundraising efforts, and those who generously donated,” said Stephanie Jones.

District 7’s Hoops Tournament was held in April at the Caltrans District Office Plaza and the Walk for Education took place on Saturday, May 21, at Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

Winners of the 2011 Hoops Tournament in the men’s division were: Mohammed Haider, 1st place; Peter Dinh, 2nd place; and Peter Jones, 3rd place.  In the women’s division the winners were Nikita Peterson, 1st place; and Ozell Wilson, 2nd place.

UNCF supports 60,000 students of all races, creeds and nationalities at over 900 universities nationwide.  Visit


District 7’s 2011 UNCF Walk for Education 5k Run/Walk participants:  (from left) Joyce Gresham, Loretta Crum, Stephany Crum, Deborah Robertson, Labell Washington, Ozell Wilson.  Not pictured are Stephanie Jones and Tanisha Butcher. Did she or didn’t she make the shot? Ozell Wilson placed second in District 7’s UNCF Hoops Tournament and participated in the Walk for Education.