Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014

"Slow for the Cone Zone" Poster Contest: A Colorful Take on Work Zone Safety
by  Kelly Markham
Issue Date: 04/2011

Children and grandchildren of District 7 employees gathered up their crayons and created some remarkable posters illustrating the importance of slowing down and saving lives in freeway work zones.

Based on this year’s “Slow for the Cone Zone” Poster Contest entries, Caltrans freeway work is either fraught with peril or borderline utopian – and in some cases, a little of both. Some entries featured mangled cars and emergency vehicles, while others depicted smiling workers and sunny skies. Although the submissions are very different, what they all have in common is a tremendous amount of creativity.

The eight young artists who participated in this year’s contest are children and grandchildren of District 7 employees. The annual Poster Contest, sponsored by Caltrans Headquarters, is intended to allow children to share their thoughts about the importance of driving safely in or near a work zone.

A panel of four judges recruited from different divisions critiqued the poster submissions on three criteria: reflection of theme (“Slow for the Cone Zone”), originality, and use of color. The panel selected one finalist in each of four age groups: 0 to 8 years, 9 to 11 years, 12 to 14 years, and 15 to 17 years. The poster contest finalists, respectively, were Michael Falcone (grandson of Mike Miles), Ahmad Daaboul (son of Abdulraouf Daaboul), Rukti Islam (daughter of Mohammed Islam), and Daniel Navarro (son of Guillermo Navarro).

District 7’s finalists were sent to Sacramento, where they will be judged against posters from other districts. Winning posters will be featured in the 2011 Workers Memorial program in April and will be posted on Caltrans’ “Slow for the Cone Zone” website as well.

“There were so many good entries this year, it was very hard to choose the finalists,” said Deputy Director of Maintenance Dan Freeman, one of this year’s judges. “We’d send them all up to Sacramento if we could.”

All Poster Contest participants received certificates of recognition. Thanks to all of our young artists for helping to raise awareness about cone zone safety!

Check out all of this year’s District 7 Poster Contest entries here.

Finalist, 0 to 8 years: Michael Falcone, age 7 Finalist, 9 to 11 years: Ahmad Daaboul, age 11 Finalist, 12 to 14 years: Rutki Islam, age 12 Finalist, 15 to 17 years: Daniel Navarro, age 15