Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Rosalia Hernandez

In Memoriam- Rosalia Hernandez
by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 03/2011

Caltrans District 7 employee Rosalia Hernandez died peacefully on January 26th, her 55th birthday, after a valiant battle with diabetes and other complications.

Hernandez began state service in 2000 as a highway maintenance worker with Caltrans Special Crews Region. Later, she was part of the stencil crew at the Bandini Maintenance station. In 2003, Rosalia became an office technician whose duties included accounts payable and receivable, travel claims, reporting and reconciliation for Special Crews.

“Her life journey was difficult, but she persevered,” said Rosalia’s supervisor, Dorothy English, Caltrans regional administrative officer. “She was a proud woman, and proud of herself for the person she had become. She had true Caltrans spirit.”

Hernandez loved weekend trips to the beach. She enjoyed visits to the coast and collected everything connected with the ocean, especially lighthouses and mermaids. She also participated in the Substance Abuse Information Network (SAIN), a statewide program sanctioned by Caltrans that provides support to employees with past or present substance abuse problems.

“Rosalia was a wonderful and caring person,” said Bob Vennard, maintenance manager, District 7 Special Crews Region. “She was an important member of SAIN, committed to its work and an advocate for women in recovery. She will be missed.”

“She was a gifted conversationalist,” said Gloria Gallegos, Hernandez’ stepsister. “Rosalia loved talking to people and would somehow get into conversations with strangers in all kinds of places. Few things in her life were ever too private or too secretive. She was a happy person and her life was an open book.”

Rosalia Hernandez is survived by her son Humberto, a sister Gloria, friend Debbie, nieces, nephews, friends and extended family. She will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Hollywood alongside her parents. Memorial and burial arrangements for Rosalia are pending.