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Current Issue: September 2014
Yessica Jovel, of District 7 Public Affairs Office, ensures that toy, food and clothing donations are picked up in time for distribution. Alfonso Maldonado of the Los Angeles Mission collects half of the goods for the Mission that was donated by District 7 employees.

Holiday Charitable Toy and Food Drive
by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 01/2011

Cash, toys, clothing and food donations are given generously to those in need this holiday season. The spirit of giving in District 7 makes a big difference to others.

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District 7 employees generously donated much needed items and cash during the 2010 holiday season to the annual Holiday Toy and Food Drive to benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Los Angeles Mission and the Union Rescue Mission. These three local nonprofit agencies are dedicated to serving the local community, low-income families, senior citizens and homeless men and women.

“Caltrans employees have again demonstrated their generosity and compassion towards the less fortunate in the community,” said Mike Miles, District 7 director. “Thank you for providing a bit of hope for those facing difficult times. Your holiday spirit has made a big difference to others in need.”

This year’s holiday charitable campaign in District 7 was facilitated by Yessica Jovel, associate governmental program analyst in the Public Affairs unit. According to Jovel, approximately 1,600 pounds of donated toys, clothing and dry goods were evenly distributed between the two downtown missions. Both missions received at least four full boxes weighing about 200 pounds each and the Los Angeles Food Bank received cash donations as requested.

Today, online giving is becoming more common. Through “virtual drives,” money is donated online rather than receiving tangible goods. District 7 employees donated $260 to the Los Angeles Food Bank’s virtual drive that amounts to $1,300 of purchasing power as every dollar donated can buy $5 in groceries. Many nonprofit organizations prefer to accept online monetary donations because it is a cost effective campaign method.

The Union Rescue Mission distributes donated items by creating a store setting where parents shop for their children and in turn where children shop for their moms. The Los Angeles Mission gathers thousands of guests on December 24 for a traditional holiday meal and gifts are distributed to all children who attend.
Through a compassionate holiday spirit of many generous District 7 employees, a bit of hope for a better new year is given to many who are less fortunate than ourselves.





Alfonso Maldonado, an employee of the Los Angeles Mission, is committed to gathering donations for the Mission. Each box is packed with food, toys and clothing weighing nearly 200 pounds.

Vans from the Los Angeles Mission and the Union Rescue Mission arrive at the District 7 building in Los Angeles on December 23 to collect donations of toys, food and clothing given generously by District 7 employees. 
Union Rescue Mission employees access the donated goods for easier stowage on the van.  There are more stops to make before Christmas day festivities at the mission.