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Current Issue: September 2014
(from left to right):  Anna Luevano, District 7 CSECC coordinator; David Menchaca, United Way of Greater LA;  Deborah Robertson, District 7 and southern California CSECC coordinator;  Cathy McClure, Fabiola Dominguez,and Vernor Webb; United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

$2 Per Month for CSECC, But It All Adds Up
by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 11/2010

Few state agencies compare to Caltrans when charitable giving is the goal.

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Last month, Caltrans employees statewide pledged to the 52nd California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC), the annual charitable giving campaign held throughout October.

To promote the spirit of giving, District 7 held a campaign kickoff on September 30 at the district office plaza, where several nonprofit organizations shared information on their services and volunteer opportunities. Among them were the City of Hope, the United Negro College Fund, the Asian Pacific Community Fund, and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

The campaign ended on October 31. District 7 contribution figures were not available at the time of publication, but final totals will be posted on the CSECC website at

“Despite a challenging economy, furloughs and pay cuts, state employees remain consistently generous,” said Deborah Robertson, deputy district director of External Affairs, who is overseeing the CSECC campaign in the Inland Empire. “I’m confident that this campaign will further demonstrate the compassion of State of California employees.”

Robertson held a smaller event at the Pomona maintenance station on October 19 to inform employees of the benefits and need for participating in the campaign. The presentation was attended by many road crew members including staff from Diamond Bar, Rosemead; and East Los Angeles.

Generally, about 17% of all state employees participate in the campaign annually. In 2009, Caltrans statewide participation was 19%, or 4,277 of 22,500 employees who pledged and donated.

Collectively, state employees pledged $7.8 million to the 2009 CSECC campaign. Three departments under the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency (BTH) were the top contributors of the 2009 drive: Caltrans led with a $716,670 contribution, followed by the California Highway Patrol with $698,880, and the Department of Motor Vehicles with $345,841. In total, BTH employees donated $1.94 million in 2009 with 31% of employee participation.

“District 7 employees are goal-oriented and Caltrans’ $1 million goal is reachable,” said Bill Reagan, acting deputy district director of Program and Project Management. “We accept challenges every day and we are responsive to the public and the community. Please give generously to others who may be more in need than ourselves because any one of us could also need some help at any given time.”

Last year, during the CSECC campaign, several Caltrans employees lost their homes and personal belongings during the devastating fires all over the state. Acting quickly, the CSECC drive set up a special fund to channel donations directly to all Californians who suffered loss from several fires.

“Your donations help many worthy organizations to administer assistance to people and animals in need,” said Lindy K. Lee, District 7 chief deputy director. “The CSECC also contributes to nonprofit agencies that support education and our environment.”

State employees can participate through monthly payroll deductions or with a one-time tax deductible donation. A minimum $2 per month payroll deduction will result in significant donations to a local, regional or international nonprofit agency of your choice.

“The recipient agencies are very appreciative of monthly payroll donations because they are often challenged with a consistent cash flow,” said Robertson. “Participating through payroll deduction eases their ability to operate and provide services throughout the year, knowing what resources are coming in through your generosity and pre-planning.”

It all adds up.

The CSECC kick off provided an outlet for nonprofit organizations to share information on their services, volunteer opportunities, and give promotional items.  Among those at the District 7 plaza were the City of Hope, the United Negro College Fund, the Asian Pacific Community Fund, the California Bear Credit Union and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Employees gather  information from several nonprofit agencies who attended the kickoff. The CSECC 2010 campaign trail stopped at the Pomona Maintenance station and was attended by many Caltrans road crew members from Pomona, Diamond Bar, Rosemead and East Los Angeles.  A ‘shout out’ to Maintenance Supervisors Terance Davis of Diamond Bar; Alberto Miramontes of Rosemead; Alex Guzman of East Los Angeles and John Janton, east region maintenance manager, for scheduling the presentation to the crews.