Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
The district has a new act: Richard and the Deputies, backed by house band Traffic Jam, sing about excellence and hard times.

District 7 Screams for Ice Cream and Entertaining Execs
by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 03/2010

Employees get dessert and a show at this welcome break.

On a cold day in late January, Executive staff came up with a cool way to celebrate District 7 accomplishments (100% delivery! Again!) and recognize employees for their hard work: the “Break for Excellence Ice Cream Social.”

In addition to a delicious choice of ice creams and toppings handcrafted and served by the execs, the highlight of the program was a performance by Richard (Land) and the Deputies with house band Traffic Jam.

The group performed the number “100% Delivery” to the tune of the Beatles “Hard Day’s Night.” For those who might have missed it, here are the words in their entirety:

Hundred percent delivery
I’ve been charging like a hog
Being great is not a mystery
I should be sleeping like a log

So why on Earth should I moan
When I see what’s been done
District 7 is all right

You know I PID
To get you money to build things
It’s worth it just to hear CTC say
We’re gonna give you everything

So while the money is tight
I know that good is in sight
‘Cause District 7 is all right

When I’m home
Friday off just seems right
When I’m home
My Blackberry is out of sight, yeah

Another environmental fight
And I’ve been working like a dog
A Negative DEC will make it right
Clean air is coming, not the smog

The Quarterly project is due
And it’s delivered by you
Rick’s contract is all right

So when I work late at night
To my boss’s delight
Still my paycheck isn’t right

When it rains
Maintenance makes it all right
With closed lanes
Traffic Ops is our white knight, yeah

It’s been a year of fiscal blight
I’ve been furloughed way too long
It’s been a year of flu fright
I could be weak but I am strong

So I say this to you
Because this song is now through
District 7 is all right
Yeah District 7 is all right.

We don’t know what the Fab Four would have thought but for District 7 employees, it was a break worth taking.

A famous foursome is the inspiration for a slightly less famous song, 100% Delivery. District 7 Executive Staff channel their inner soda jerk to make sure every employee has an ice cream treat. An enthusiastic audience gathers in the courtyard to watch the men and women in black perform. Blues Brother or Elvis impersonator? You be the judge as former Interrim District Director Richard Land takes the stage.