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Current Issue: September 2014
Maintenance Division staff and supporters gather after the celebration.

Highway Maintenance Delivery Award Celebration
by  Patrick Chandler
Issue Date: 07/2009

The Maintenance Division held its first annual Highway Maintenance Delivery Award Celebration on June 3.

“The Maintenance Division wanted to model the celebration after the Capital Project Delivery Celebration, which has been held consistently every year and is sponsored by the Program and Project Management Division,” said Office Chief Hector Obeso.

Along with the smooth sounds of Traffic Jam, District 7’s band, several staff members were recognized for their stellar work to ensure the quick delivery of several extensive and high dollar maintenance projects throughout the District.

Each senior transportation engineer in Maintenance selected candidates in their groups to receive the Superior Accomplishment Award.

Award Recipients

Senior Transportation Engineer Hamid Saadtnejadi chose Transportation Engineers Frank Tehrani and Cam Chau for their work to secure $12 million in Recovery Act funds to pay for the replacement of concrete and asphalt concrete slabs, and several departure and approach slabs on a portion of I-5.

“Tehrani and Chau were able to complete the design of the project and have it ready to list in two months,” said Saadtnejadi. “Chau and Tehrani, along with the rest of the support staff, did an outstanding job in a limited amount of time. Their work will help stimulate the economy and improve the quality of life for Californians.”

Senior Transportation Engineer Debbie Wong recognized Transportation Engineers Charlie Truong and Michael Duong for their efforts on a Traffic Design project to place vertical clearance signs for high profile vehicles on several bridges in 25 cities within the District.

“Truong and Duong had to do a lot of the heavy lifting. They had to convince more than 25 cities to agree to allow Caltrans standards for signage and materials on city property and get the cooperation from the cities,” said Wong. “The final plan packages each contained layouts for over 900 roadside signs and 250 bridge-mounted signs.”

Senior Transportation Engineer Paul Crispi selected transportation Engineers Andrew Nguyen and Peter Dinh for their steadfast work on a $23 million Recovery Act funded slab replacement project on I-5.

“Usually nine to twelve months would be the time frame to complete such a project. Peter and Andrew really stepped up, took on the challenge, and completed the design in three months by sacrificing furlough days and vacations,” said Crispi. “The tremendous effort shown by both engineers is unparalleled as they modeled and led the team effort to succeed in delivering this critical project.”

Senior Transportation Engineer Larry Wiering selected Transportation Engineers Bipin Patel and Fouad Dagher for their work to secure federal Recovery Act funds for a $13.8 million slab replacement project on I-5.

“They worked on a very tight schedule to design and deliver the project to the Office Engineer,” said Wiering. “They only had 47 days to capture the Recovery Act funds. It was a superhuman effort.”

Senior Engineer Shafiq Islam recommended Special Crews Region Engineer Richard Hung for his work on the Temple Avenue Bridge Project.

Hung had to coordinate with the Cities of Long Beach and Signal Hill, Los Angeles County, and several Caltrans functions to make the Temple Avenue Bridge Project successful.

“Richard has provided outstanding customer service and established excellent teamwork and partnerships with customers and stakeholders in preserving highway facilities,” said Islam.

Senior Landscape Architect Ed Siribohdi selected graffiti Coordinator Vincent Moreno for his efforts to seek restitution from convicted graffiti vandals.

Siribohdi was impressed with Moreno’s innovative efforts, “Vincent worked with Wells Fargo to receive grant money to pay for the clearing of graffiti from a mural by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.”

Because of the hard work of these individuals, California’s highways and freeways will continue to improve and last.

The cake says it all. Traffic Jam electrified the air with their smooth sounds. Office Chief Hector Obeso speaks to the crowd of award winners and supporters.