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Current Issue: September 2014
Employee Spotlight
QIC members, substitute members and guests at their recent August meeting.  From left, seated: Shefa Bhuiyan, Transportation Planning; Jorge Fuentes, Operations; Melissa Joshi, Transportation Planning; Betty Bahraini, Program and Project Management. From left, standing: John Zaki, Maintenance (substitite for Debbie Wong); Ron Longazo, Construction; and Dave White, External Affairs.

by  Jeanne Bonfilio
Issue Date: 09/2008

This months EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT features the Quality In Caltrans Team. The 'QIC' program is here to stay. Staff is 'working to promote an excellent organization in the eyes of employees and the people of California.' -- Quality In Caltrans Vision

The Quality in Caltrans (QIC) program is part of everyone’s job and an essential commitment to Caltrans’ mission to Improve Mobility Across California. This valuable program is a collaborative effort between Caltrans management and staff to improve the way Caltrans does business.

“The QIC program strives to bring quality to every aspect of every job and to develop a better working environment,” said Shefa Bhuiyan, District QIC Coordinator and QIC Steering Committee representative from Transportation Planning.

Bhuiyan has led the 11-member QIC team since May. Their goal is to have a representative from each Division as a member of the committee. “Team members are advocates who facilitate applying quality principles and new ideas to keep Caltrans at the highest level,” she says.

Current members include: Ron Longazo and Martha Hetzler, Construction; Dave White, External Affairs; Debbie Wong, Maintenance; Jorge Fuentes, Operations; Mirna Dagher and Betty Bahraini, Program and Project Management; Karl Price, Environmental Planning; Shan Wen Cheng, Administration; and Mark Lyles, Right of Way.

“The QIC program, in keeping with the Director’s policy, identifies the Department’s roles and responsibilities to continuously improve Caltrans quality in service and products so that the Department becomes the transportation organization of choice for our customers,” Bhiuyan added. All employees are encouraged to bring new and innovative ideas to their QIC team representative – ideas that can be implemented to improve the way Caltrans does business.

In addition, the QIC committee recently announced the initiation of a new Employee of the Year Award to recognize outstanding contributions of rank-and-file employees throughout District 7. Those nominated will be rated on the following criteria: quality of work, teamwork, commitment, dependability, initiative and motivation. All rank-and-file employees can nominate fellow employees who are well deserving of this award, including themselves. A nomination form was sent to all employees via email on August 21, and must be completed and returned to the individual Division’s QIC Coordinator by October 7, 2008.

Nominations will be ranked and rated by an ad hoc committee of fellow rank-and-file staff. One person will be selected from each of the District 7 divisions for the Employee of the Year Award and will be honored by executive management at the QIC district-wide event in November.  “We look forward to a successful QIC Employee of the Year event!” said Bhuyian.

The QIC program also coordinates many other awards, including the Excellence in Transportation Awards, Tranny Awards and Outstanding Management in Engineering Award. “For this function, our role in the District is a liaison role – to process, coordinate and facilitate these awards,” added Bhuiyan.

For more information on the QIC program, log on to the website at http://t7www2/quality/ or speak with your Division QIC representative.