Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Business Management staff:  (Left to right): James de Castro, Ken Simon, Linda Browning, Fely Dizon, Junius Pierson, Lolita Leyden, Juana Farol, Evelyn Collado and Terrie Monaghan.

by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 09/2007

Moving around is business as usual for this unit. Whether they help other offices move or themselves move, it is done as an invaluable service.

When the District Office moved from Spring Street to Main Street in 2004,
the Office of Business Services was the last to move, clearing up what is left behind following a big transition.  

In June, the Office of Business Management packed up to settle on the 2nd floor in Room 02-045, an anticipated move even before the new District Office Building (DOB) opened.

Because the Caltrans employee is their customer, they are comitteed to the highest degree of customer service.  “Our goal is to provide excellent service and assist everyone with their needs,” says Jim Hammer, Deputy District Director of Administration, District 7, responsible for Business Management and Budgets. 

Fely Dizon, Office Chief, manages a staff of 30 people located on several different floors of the DOB, including the parking garage, the public counters and the Cashier’s Office.

Under the Office of Business Management, reporting to Dizon are four unit managers including Evelyn Collado, Business Services; Carmen Roberts, Facilities Operations; James de Castro, Facilities Support Services; and Junius Pierson, Health and Safety.

These are some of the services available from Business Services to serve the Caltrans District 7 customer:

The Cashier’s office is responsible for payroll, petty cash and transit voucher distribution fee payments and transit voucher subscription.

The Parking and Rideshare unit is responsible for coordinating the employee parking and applications to park, carpooling services and commute assistance. 

Other duties handled by Business Services include retirement and service award orders and to coordinate employee registration for required State mandatory training programs.

The Caltrans Dstrict 7 Intranet contains frequently requested Business Services forms such as the Employee Parking Application, Transit Vouchers Subscription and Retirement and Service Awards. 

Thanks to Business Services for providing excellent customer service!


Fely Dizon, Office Chief, Business Management, a unit under the Administration Division. Left to right: Junius Pierson, Fely Dizon, Evelyn Collado, James de Castro and Carmen Roberts.