Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
(Left to right) Public Affairs Manager Dave White is working on a new display for the county fair with staffers Yessica Jovel and Marcia Graves.

by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 08/2007

How do you reach millions of people in a short time? At the county fair!

For Caltrans, the Los Angeles County Fair is not just about ribbons, rides and deep fried artichokes—it’s an opportunity to reach millions of people and let them know what a great job Caltrans is doing.

As part of the outreach program at the fair, a new Caltrans booth display is being created to reflect all the different kinds of work performed by District 7 employees.

“The new display will help tell the whole Caltrans story,” said Public Affairs Manager Dave White. “We will represent all divisions but worker safety will continue to be an important part of our message.”

Right now the display is a work in progress, but the final version should be completed by mid-August.

In keeping with the new look and focus, interested employees from all divisions are encouraged to help staff the booth. Volunteers should enjoy talking to people and be knowledgeable about what Caltrans does.

The fair runs from September 7 to September 30.  Many shifts are available during those dates, including the late shift.  If interested, please contact Linda Caldwell at (213) 910-7577.  Come help us toot our horn!