Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
District 7 welcomes employees and their children to Bring Your Child To Work Day

by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 05/2007

Bring Your Child to Work Day is fun for children and their parents..

The large paw prints on the floor of the District 7 Headquarters reception area were an early clue that on April 26, business was anything but “as usual.”

Other hints? Laughter, little voices, lots of primary colors, snacks and puppets. In other words, it was Bring Your Child to Work Day, which is an understandable source of pride for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Chief Marion Woo, whose office is responsible for the event. “The kids are so adorable and this is such a great opportunity for parents to share their work life with their kids,” Woo said. “It’s wonderful that the District can offer employees this experience.”

This year’s program had a few new activities. A Money Mammals Puppet Show was presented by the California Bear Credit Union to teach good habits to future spenders. Also, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation arranged for a fire truck display, the Design demonstration included intersection building for child engineers, IT offered a Help Desk demonstration and External Affairs set up a display of various activities in which the District engages.

Favorite exhibits from past years were back, including the Storm Water Program’s robot, which provided instant photos to the kids; Surveys’ turret truck; and the Maintenance equipment demonstration.

This year, the program was self-paced instead of guided, said James Crouse, the EEO Associate who coordinates the event. The various presentations were continuous, so children and parents could wander about on their own schedule. 

By Crouse’s standards, the event was a huge success. “Did everyone have fun?” he asked. “Yes! The kids loved it and the parents loved it.”

He estimated that roughly 250 children and 150 parents attended, based on the number of goody bags and mini-hard hats given away.

Crouse attributes the success of the event to those who volunteer each year to help develop and manage it.  “I always get a marvelous committee,” he said. “That’s really the key.”



EEO Chief Marian Woo and her children demonstrate the Bring Your Child To Work Day spirit. Kids and parents stroll the Plaza area in front of the event banner. Associate Transportation Electrical Engineer Jeff Aragaki introduces his daughters to the Caltrans family. External Affairs Deputy Deborah Robertson and EEO Associate James Crouse perform traffic management at the event.