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High Desert Corridor Draft EIR-EIS

Full Document Files:
Hard copies of this document are available at the local public libraries and city halls along the HDC alignment.
Click here for a list of locations.
PDF (1.2mb) Cover Sheet
Title Sheet
PDF (112kb) Table of Contents
PDF (940kb) Chapter 1 Purpose and Need for the Project

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Purpose and Need

1.2.1 Purpose

1.2.2 Need

1.2.3 Independent Utility and Logical Termini
PDF (6mb) Chapter 2 Project Alternatives

2.1 Alternatives

2.1.1 Build Alternatives

2.1.2 No-Build Alternative

2.1.3 Comparison of Alternatives

2.1.4 Identification of a Preferred Alternative

2.1.5 Alternative Considered but Eleimated from Further Discussion

2.2 Permits and Approvals Needed
PDF (7.5mb) Chapter 3 Affected Environment, Environmental Consequences, and Avoidance, Minimization, and/or Mitigation Measures

3.1 Human Environment

3.1.1 Land use Existing and Future Land Use Consistency with State, Regional, and Local Plans Parks and Recreation
PDF (54kb)

3.1.2 Growth
PDF (1.9mb)

3.1.3 Farmland
PDF (3.3mb)

3.1.4 Community Impacts Community Character and Cohesion Relocation and Property Acquisition Economic Impacts Environmental Justice
PDF (3.3mb)

3.1.5 Utilities/Emergency Services
PDF (5.3mb)

3.1.6 Traffic and Transportation/Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
PDF (5.1mb)

3.1.7 Visual/Aesthetics
PDF (340kb)

3.1.8 Cultural Resources

3.2 Physical Environment
PDF (1.1mb)

3.2.1 Hydrology and Floodplain
PDF (98kb)

3.2.2 Water Quality and Storm Water Runoff
PDF (2mb)

3.2.3 Geology/Soils/Seismic/Topography
PDF (861kb)

3.2.4 Paleontology
PDF (119kb)

3.2.5 Hazardous Waste or Materials
PDF (4.8mb)

3.2.6 Air Quality
PDF (688kb)

3.2.7 Noise
PDF (60kb)

3.2.8 Energy
PDF (1mb)

3.3 Biological Environment
PDF (316kb)

3.3.1 Natural Communities
PDF (693kb)

3.3.2 Wetlands and Other Waters
PDF (67kb)

3.3.3 Plant Species
PDF (206kb)

3.3.4 Animal Species
PDF (117kb)

3.3.5 Threatened and Endangered Species
PDF (34kb)

3.3.6 Invasive Species
PDF (43kb)
3.4 Rel. Betw. Local Short-Term Uses of the Human Env.
PDF (32kb)
3.5 Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources
PDF (602kb)
3.6 Construction Impacts
PDF (844kb)
3.7 Cumulative Impacts
PDF (333kb) Chapter 4 California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Evaluation

4.1 Determining Significance under the CEQA

4.2 Discussion of Significant Impacts

4.2.1 Less than Significant Effects of the Project

4.2.2 Significant Environmental Effects of the Project

4.2.3 Unavoidable Significant Environmental Effects

4.3 Significant Irreversible Environmental Changes

4.4 Minimization and Mitigation Measures for Significant Impacts under the CEQA

4.5 Climate Change under the CEQA

4.5.1 Regulatory Setting

4.5.2 Project Analysis

4.5.3 Greenhouse gas Reduction Strategies
PDF (160kb) Chapter 5 Comments and Coordination

5.1 Coordination Plan

5.2 Scoping Process

5.3 Consultation and Coordination with Public Agencies

5.4 Public Participation
PDF (57kb) Chapter 6 List of Preparers

6.1 California Department of Transportation

6.2 Consultant Staff
PDF (95kb) Chapter 7 Distribution List
PDF (800kb) Appendix A CEQA Checklist
PDF (8.3mb) Appendix B Section 4(f) De Minimis Findings
PDF (635kb) Appendix C Title VI Policy Statement
PDF (505kb) Appendix D Summary of Relocation Benefits
PDF (544kb) Appendix E Glossary of Technical Terms
PDF (564kb) Appendix F Environmental Commitments Record (ECR)
PDF (509kb) Appendix G List of Acronyms
PDF (2.5mb) Appendix H Notice of Preparation and Notice of Intent
PDF (695kb) Appendix I Affected Properties Subject to Relocation
PDF (6.9mb) Appendix J Utility Conflict Matrix
PDF (13.1mb) Appendix K Key Correspondence
PDF (2mb) Appendix L Special Status Species and Biological Opinion
PDF (16,1mb) Appendix M Southern Palmdale Rail Station Shift Impact Study
PDF (44.5mb) Appendix N Sensitive Noise Receptor and barrier Locations
PDF (487kb) List of Technical Studies that are Bound Separately

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