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710 Tunnel Study
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710 Tunnel Study

710 Tunnel Technical Study Information


The Community Education and Outreach Program will provide reliable, up-to-date information about tunneling and the use of tunnel technology to close the SR-710 gap. The program is adaptable to meet the community’s participation needs as the study progresses.

Program Goals and Participation

The goals of the Community Education and Outreach Program are to:

  1. Inform the community about the study process and schedule
  2. Facilitate the community’s involvement in the study
  3. Distinguish this effort as a geotechnical study; not a project or environmental process
  4. Describe the roles of the project sponsors and why they are conducting the study
  5. Create community tunnel experts

Community members can stay informed and participate during the study through:

How It All Works: The Community's Input in All Study Phases

Throughout the study phases, all communities will be informed and involved. Study information and the community’s input flows continuously through feedback loops to help identify community values and to answer questions and determine opportunities and constraints. Informational materials, focus groups, workshops and presentations provide a forum for education, sharing of opinions or issues to be addressed by the experts. The study’s public process is about people becoming informed and educated about tunneling and tunnel technology as a possible means to close the SR-710 gap.

Process Diagram

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