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710 Tunnel Study
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710 Tunnel Study

710 Tunnel Technical Study Information


Steering Committee

Role of the Steering Committee:

  1. Provide input and advice to Caltrans
  2. Receive presentations about tunnel technology to become “community experts”
  3. Review reports and other information developed by the study
  4. Serve as informed spokespersons
  5. Steer the study on a route neutral path
  6. Bring forward community values, questions and concerns

SR-710 Tunnel Technical Study Guiding Principles

The Steering Committee has adopted the following “Guiding Principles” to serve as the broad philosophy that will guide its work through the life of the study.

  1. Develop reliable geotechnical information from the study for tunnel options
  2. Respect route neutrality
  3. Establish parameters for community input which are consistent with the scope of the study

Steering Committee Roster (PDF)

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