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710 Tunnel Study
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710 Tunnel Study

710 Tunnel Technical Study Information


In June 2008, Caltrans and Metro began the SR-710 Tunnel Technical Study to examine the possibility of extending the SR-710 using a tunnel. The study is being conducted in a route neutral manner. This means that all reasonable and practicable alternatives for completing the route are being considered within the Study area, which encompasses the cities of Alhambra, Glendale, La Cañada-Flintridge, Los Angeles, Monterey Park, San Marino, South Pasadena and Pasadena. Information gathered throughout the Study will describe soil and sub-surface conditions and will determine the feasibility of building a tunnel to complete SR-710. This study is not an environmental assessment.

The study is being conducted in a route neutral manner. All practicable means for extending the SR-710 are being considered within the study area which is currently divided into five (5) Zones for purposes of exploration as shown in the map below. Geotechnical information gathered through the study effort will describe soil conditions present and help guide discussions of tunnel feasibility in each of the zones.

Topographical Map of the 710 Tunnel Study Zones( PDF)

Aerial Map of the 710 Tunnel Study Zones( PDF)

Opportunities for Community Involvement

Community participation is a critical component of this study. Caltrans is conducting an extensive Community Education and Outreach Program to inform and involve the general public, community leaders and elected officials. Presentations and workshops will be conducted for the community, and opinions, questions, issues and concerns will be addressed, documented and integrated into the technical portion of the study. As part of the community outreach efforts, information will be provided that explains state-of-the art tunnel technology currently in use for highways and how tunnels are built. Public education and outreach will also include focus groups, public meetings and discussions. The SR-710 Study Information Office, located at 3412 North Eastern Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90032, is open to the public and staff is available to provide the latest information about the study and upcoming meetings.


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