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Corral de Tierra Intersection Improvement Project


The State Route 68 / Corral De Tierra Intersection Improvement Project consists of operational improvements at this intersection about 9 miles west of the City of Salinas in Monterey County.

Agency Roles

The County of Monterey has taken on the role of implementing all phases of this project and therefore is managing the scope, cost and schedule of each project component. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as the owners and operators of the highway facility must review and authorize all proposed modifications. Caltrans is also the lead agency for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


Pending the results of the Route 68 Corridor Study


Final Environmental Document

Initial Study with Mitigated negative declaration

Technical Reports

  • Volume 1
  • Air Quality Analysis Report (February 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

    Geotechnical Design and Materials Report (December 2012) and Addendum (June 2015)

    Growth-Related Impacts Technical Memorandum (July 2012) and Addendum (June 2015)

    Historical Resources Compliance Report (June 2013) and Supplemental Historical Resources Compliance Report (June 2015)

    Paleontology Identification Report (July 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

  • Volume 2
  • Visual Impact Assessment Report (February 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

    Natural Environment Study (February 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

  • Volume 3
  • Noise Impact Analysis (February 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

    Traffic Operations Technical Memorandum (February 2005) and Addendums (March 2011, October 2014, and June 2015)

    Water Quality Assessment Report (February 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

  • Volume 4
  • Hazardous Waste Initial Site Assessment (February 2013) and Addendum (June 2015)

    Aerially Deposited Lead Site Investigation Report (July 2007, amended September 2010) and Addendum (June 2015)


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