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Welcome to the Highway 1 Big Sur Coast Highway Management Plan

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Developing Management Strategies

From the key issues related to corridor management, six themes emerged (as listed below). Corresponding working groups will review these issues in depth and will make recommendations on management strategies to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will review these recommendations, consider public input and ultimately ratify the strategies that go into the plan.

From the list below, select a theme to see an expanded list of key issues:

Each working group has established a core value and is open to stakeholder participation.

Of the six working groups, three have had several meetings, one has held a kickoff meeting and the remaining two groups are scheduled to meet in upcoming months. Examples of the activities currently in progress include:

Storm Damage Response and Repair

  • Evaluate repair techniques and pre-approve related activities (e.g. material disposal)
  • Research, map and describe landscape activity
  • Evaluate the relationship of the land/sea interface and marine sediment budgets
  • Develop communication tools to improve interagency coordination

Scenic and Habitat Conservation

  • Identify favorite views and potential threats to scenic qualities
  • Draft guidelines for planted landscapes
  • Identify options to reduce roadside clutter
  • Review opportunities and promote alternative highway designs for improved aesthetics

Maintenance Practices

  • Develop a detailed inventory and evaluation of all highway culverts
  • Evaluate vegetation management techniques and opportunities to fight the spread of invasive weeds
Last updated: July 24, 2007