Attachment 2
Submittal Package for New Public Road Connections

The following documents must be submitted to Office of Project Development Procedures in order for the Project Development Procedure Engineer to prepare the CTC report which is submitted as the CTC book item. The Project Development Procedure Engineer will circulate the book item for review and approval by Caltrans Legal; the Program Manager for Design and Local Programs; Programming; and the Deputy Director, Project Development. District staff must be available to supply additional information and clarify issues during the preparation of the CTC report. Information can be found at the following websites:

*Submit the following documents six (6) weeks prior to the final date that agenda items are submitted to CTC Liaison:

  1. Draft Project Report. or New Connection Report. Target date for approved report. The Project Report must address the following issues.
    a) FHWA approval of the connection to Interstate facilities.
    b) FHWA approval of the disposal of access rights if Federal funds were used to purchase right of way.
    c) Address Value Enhancement issues.
  2. Date that Caltrans approved the CEQA documents. Environmental Documents must be submitted to Headquarters Environmental Program.
  3. Resolution from local agency requesting new public road connection.
  4. Vicinity Exhibit.

Submit the following documents by the due date for CTC agenda items:

  1. A signed copy of the Final Project Report:
  2. Source of Funding. If applicable, identify programming by fiscal year.
  3. Updated Cost Estimates.
  4. 2 signed copies of the Freeway Agreement executed by local agency (See PDPM Chapter 24 for approval procedures) and an extra exhibit map.
  5. Either a certified copy of the resolution or minutes from the local agency authorizing execution of the freeway agreements.
  6. Documentation of funding commitment by local agency or third party.

* Submittals for the November 2000 CTC meeting will be required two (2) weeks prior to the final date that agenda items are due. The submittal date for these items will be September 26, 2000