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Native Grass Database

Prepared by University of California Davis, this tool provides a method to select the most appropriate native grass species based upon critera such as county, rainfall, elevation, and plant community.

  • Agreement of Use document
    Please read the Agreement of Use Document before downloading this database

  • Download the Native Grass Database
    This Native Grass Database is comprised of a series of smaller databases and lookup files. To use the database, launch (open) or download the application file named "Native Grass Database 1.0". This will load the various companion files in a specific order.

    The database will open up to the "search page" where you can start entering search criteria. Please keep in mind, this is professional database and must be searched in the proper order of queries to generate correct results. If submit and/or reset buttons are not hit in the proper sequence, results will be incorrect. For more information, please see the tutorial file. You will see a link to this file on the search page.
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Updated Sept 15, 2015