Standard Plans And Specifications

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Landscape Standard Plans
Landscape Architecture Standard Plans

Current Landscape Architecture Standard Plans and Specifications

Landscape Architecture Standards include Caltrans details for planting, irrigation and erosion control work. Digital versions of Caltrans Standard Plans and Specifications are available below.

Current Landscape Architecture Standards Guidance

Landscape Architecture work is to be constructed using any of the following three types of specifications - Standard Specifications, Standard Special Provisions (SSPs) and Non-Standard Special Provisions (NSSPs). Use the guidance below for specific subject areas.

The SSPs are edited for each project. The SSP Index is a very helpful tool in identifying which SSP might be selected for a new project.

Specification Guidance
Subject Document
Minimum Bid for Plant Establishment Click here to view guidance
Water Meter

Click here for guidance

Permanent Erosion Control Establishment Click here for guidance.
Rock Mulch Click here for guidance
Top Soil Click here for guidance
Soil Testing Click here for guidance




Updated: April 18, 2018