Landscape Architecture Standards Committee

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Contract Standards for Landscape Architects
Landscape Architecture Standards Committee

The Landscape Architecture Standards Committee meets regularly to refine existing design techniques, and to share and develop new design details and approaches.


The Landscape Architecture Standards Committee (LASC) meets to develop new roadside landscape architecture standards as well as share "lessons learned" regarding current standards.

Contract Standards Training

Training is under development and will be delivered to Caltrans District offices in the first quarter of the 2017 calendar year. Traiing wiill include general contract standards guidance, including changes made as part of the 2015 standards update. More specific information will be provided at the link below as we get closer to the delivery date.


New standard specifications and plans coming soon - view the January 2017 Revised Standard Specification update list. New

LASC Representative List

The District LASC representative is the point of contact for all District Landscape Architecture Contract Standard issues. If you have suggested improvements to Standard Landscape plans, specifications or estimate items - please contact your District LASC representative so that he or she can present your problems or solutions with the committee. A list of LASC representatives is available online.

Meeting Calendar

View the current calendar of planned LASC Meetings and posting deadlines for the Office of Construction Contract Standards.

2016 Meetings

December 2016 Meeting Agenda

February 2016 Meeting Agenda

May 2016 Meeting Agenda

June 2016 Meeting Agenda


Updated: Nov 1, 2016