Alternative Pipe Culvert Selection (AltPipe)

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Welcome to the Alternative Pipe Culvert Selection (AltPipe) Website. Altpipe has been changed from a mere Excel spreadsheet into a full fledged web-based application.

Updates to AltPipe from v6.09 to v7.0:

AASHTO Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

The structural requirements within AltPipe Version 7.0 are based on the AASHTO Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) pipe update by Structures. AltPipe Version 7.0 was specifically developed to coincide with the publication of the 2010 Standard Specifications by Office Engineer and the associated 2011 Highway Design Manual (HDM) update by Headquarters. Projects using the 2006 Standard Specifications must continue to use AltPipe Version 6.09.

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