Structure Design

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Services provided by the Structure Design Offices:

Structure Design is comprised of eight Structure Design Offices providing Structure Design Services.

Services provided by the Structure Design Offices:

  • Contract Plans & Quantity Estimates for highway bridges & structures.
  • Advance Planning Studies for highway bridges & structures.
  • Technical support for the the design and construction of highway bridges & structures
  • Technical liaison with Districts,outside agencies and other functional units.
  • Provides the contract plans and estimates for transportation related structures
  • Provides Architectural and Structural planning, technical support, standards design and review services
  • Reviews consultant and Local Assistance special provisions for bridges and related structures
  • Provides cost estimates and working day schedules for bridges and related structures 
  • Provides electrical, mechanical, water and wastewater planning, technical support and review services
  • Develops design standards for electrical, mechanical, water and wastewater systems
  • Provide photogrammetry products for Caltrans use - aerial photography, aerial photography reproductions, photogrammetric digital topographic maps, digital ortho-photographs and photogrammetric digital terrain data.
  • Coordinate Caltrans photogrammetry operations; Develop standards for photogrammetry products produced by and for Caltrans; Develop and administer photogrammetry-related service contracts for Caltrans use, including: aerial photography, photographic reproduction, digital map compilation.
  • Provide public access to the Caltrans aerial film library - an invaluable archive of aerial photography procured by Caltrans and other cooperating agencies that dates back to the early 1950's; Evaluate, develop, and procure cost-effective, new-technology photogrammetry equipment and systems.

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