Sloat Boulevard Resurfacing and Safety Enhancement Project

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Caltrans, in cooperation with the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency, has nearly completed the paving and safety enhancement project on Sloat Boulevard (State Highway 35) in San Francisco. The project provides benefits for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, including new pavement and substantial safety improvements.

Work crews repaved Sloat Boulevard between 19th Avenue and Lakeshore Avenue, grinding away the old pavement and replacing it with new rubberized asphalt, a type of pavement consisting of regular asphalt mixed with crumb rubber from recycled tires. Rubberized asphalt reduces noise, makes use of old tires that typically languish in landfills, and has a longer life than typical asphalt.

Other improvements include updated signalization, ADA compliant sidewalks, installation of a HAWK crosswalk system, curb extensions (bulb-outs), and high visibility crosswalk markings.

Caltrans has made some minor modifications to bus stops, including the relocation of several bus shelters.

How to use the new Sloat Boulevard Pedestrian Beacons

Caltrans has created a website that explains how to use the new overhead pedestrian beacons: Click Here to go there.

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