District 2 - Redding

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Welcome to our District

Caltrans has 12 districts. We are District 2, with main offices in Redding, California. At 27,307 square miles, we're the second largest district (area) in the state. Our District includes the counties of LassenModocPlumasShastaSiskiyouTehama, and Trinity Counties. District 2 also services portions of Butte and Sierra Counties.

Current Road Conditions

If you are traveling throughout California and need traffic information including chain controls, check Caltrans Quickmap. If you are traveling throughout District 2 in Northern California, you may

Long Term Closures - June 2018


INTERSTATE 5 - TRAFFIC ALERT! Mt. Shasta - Dunsmuir Construction Phase 1

Caltrans, J.F. Shea and the subcontractors working on the Dunsmuir Grade Project will be working minimally the days ahead of the 4th of July festivities and they will not work at all immediately after the Holiday. From Saturday, June 30 through Tuesday, July 3, 2018, expect minimal delays. From Wednesday, July 4 through Sunday, July 8, 2018, expect minimal delays as work will be suspended temporarily. Please note that an excess in traffic may derive from travelers and visitors due to the Holiday. Work resumes on Monday, July 9th with anticipated delays from 15 to 45 minutes.

Motorists: expect daily lane closures northbound and southbound through the end of June, followed by long-term lane closures beginning on July 9th in which southbound traffic will be crossed over to one of the northbound lanes between the Truck Scales and Lassen Lane most of the summer thereafter. Expect ramp closures with detours and be prepared for delays during peak commute hours.



Klamath River Bridge


Work on the bridge project north of Yreka continues progressing. It includes widening, bridge rail upgrade, and undercrossing. Northbound and southbound traffic on Interstate 5 currently is under a 55 mph speed reduction with single lane closures in effect for both directions. Construction operations currently underway, please slow down and pay attention to the cone zone and signs indicated reduce speed rules in place. Safety is a shared responsibility.

sidehill project


Shasta Viaduct


The Shasta Viaduct Project, currently under temporary suspension, will replace a bridge that has ended its usable life. This structure is unique. By the end of 2017, a 1 ½ inch lateral deflection (movement) at the crown of the arches was observed during construction. On January 5, 2018 Caltrans stopped all operations at the site to conduct a design review. Currently, Caltrans does not have a set date to resume work. It may take several weeks until a new direction is decided and full construction operations resume. We’ll update when construction resumes.

colby curves project

State Route 32 - Colby Curves

ROAD IS OPEN - One-Way Traffic Control

Caltrans and Knife River Construction are working on the Colby Curves Road Improvement Project, which is realigning and widening a .7 mile stretch of SR 32 between Chico and Chester.

Expect one way traffic control and delays up to 15 minutes. Sometimes delays go longer due to construction operations. We appreciate your patience.



STATE ROUTE 36 - Federal Highway Realignment west of Red Bluff.


Realignment project between post mile 36.05 and 40.44 in Humboldt County (west of Dinsmore). Full road closures in effect until the project is complete by November 1st.
As of May 21, 2018, traffic schedules are the following:


8 am -12 pm - CLOSED
12 Noon - 1 pm - OPEN
1 pm - 5 pm - CLOSED
5 pm - 8 pm - One way traffic control with flaggers. 30-minute delays anticipated.

Tuesday - Thursday
6 am - 8 am One way traffic control with flaggers. 30-minute delays anticipated.
8 am -12 pm - CLOSED
12 Noon - 1 pm - OPEN
1 pm - 5 pm - CLOSED
5 pm - 8 pm - One way traffic control with flaggers. 30-minute delays anticipated.

6 am - 8 am - One way traffic control with flaggers. 30-minute delays anticipated.
8 am -12 pm - CLOSED
12 Noon - 1 pm - OPEN
1 pm - 3 pm - CLOSED

From Friday at 3:01 pm through the weekend the road is open. Work will resume on Monday at 8 am with full closure. Motorists can expect delays before and after closures.

East Red Bluff


East Red Bluff Pavement Project

Construction underway with sidewalk, driveway, and ADA curb ramp work. The East Red Bluff project begins on SR36/Antelope Blvd. near Sale Lane, continues east towards the SR36/SR99 junction, and finishes on SR36E approximately 2.0 miles east of the junction.The majority of work is scheduled during night time, from 6 PM thru 6 AM. During portions of the project traffic delays from 15 to 20 minutes are anticipated.




Stillwater Improvements Project

Stillwater Road continues CLOSED through August 13, 2018. With bridge construction in full force, the Stillwater Improvement Project is going very well. The project is on schedule and the new structure is approximately 20% complete. Please note: Gilbert Drive at SR 44 is the access point for South Stillwater Road residents. Right in/out is only allowed at Gilbert Road. Detours will be clearly marked and visible for all traffic. The closure will continue through approximately August 13, 2018. After that date, traffic operations will remain in place until the project is complete.

State Route 70


East of Twain - WORK IN PROGRESS - Temporary traffic signal for one-way traffic control. The signal is in place while storm damage repair to the retaining wall is completed. This project is ongoing.

Spring Garden Bridge - One-way traffic control with a traffic signal at the Spring Garden Bridge located on SR 70, 5 miles east of Quincy in Plumas County. Construction is currently underway with anticipated delays up to 15 minutes. This project is in its second season and is expected to be near completion by late November 2018, with a short third season in the Spring of 2019 and completion by early summer 2019.

Lake Almanor Spillway Bridge A detour adjacent to the construction project is open to vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians 24/7, with one-way traffic control by means of a signal. Vehicles must wait for the green light to proceed. Cyclists and pedestrians are asked to push a button for the green signal and proceed preferable on the shoulder. The detour will continue functioning until a new spillway bridge is built. The Lake Almanor Spillway Bridge is anticipated to be complete by November 2018.

State Route 96



The road is open, all lanes. Motorists may encounter Caltrans employees doing work at various locations along State Route 96, and there may be traffic control operations with minimal delays at certain points. Caltrans is working on a long stretch of SR 96, repairing the road from winter storm damage.


State Route 147


Hamilton Branch Bridge | WORK IN PROGRESS

The Hamilton Branch Bridge is located on SR 147 in Plumas County. Caltrans and its contractor continue working on replacing this bridge. This job is expected to be completed by early July 2018.

A stretch of roadway in both ends needs was also repaved to create a smooth transition between the highway and the new bridge. One-way traffic control operations will be in place, with anticipated delays up to 15 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation. We are almost there! Drive safely. 




Construction continues progressing for the Johnson Park Project on SR299 east of Burney. One-way traffic control operations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Anticipated delays are up to 15 minutes and up to 45 minutes when highway construction operations grant the delays.



Belden Rest Area



The Belden Rest Area is closed long term. Caltrans has provided for temporary restrooms located in the parking lot across the Belden Bridge. The Belden Rest Area, a PG&E facility near the Yellow Creek Bridge on State Route 70 in Plumas County is closed on March 26, 2018. Caltrans and its contractor Stewart Engineering are working on a project that will replace the Yellow Creek Bridge. Built in 1934, the bridge has exhausted its usable life. The new bridge will meet current design and seismic retrofitting standards. The PG&E Belden Rest Area i sserving as a construction staging area for the $10 million safety project, and its closure is anticipated for approximately one year and a half. A traffic signal stands near the rest area and 10-minute delays are anticipated throughout the duration of the project, estimated to be completed in December 2019. PLEASE NOTE: Caltrans has installed temporary restroom facilitates in the area.

Collier Rest Area


STATE ROUTE 97 Grass Lake

The Randolph Collier Rest Area by Interstate 5, north of Yreka in Siskiyou County has been CLOSED since April 30th and it will continue closed through early September 2018 due to the replacement of its water treatment system.

The Grass Lake Rest Area between Weed, CA and Klamath Falls, Oregon is CLOSED this time due to water system replacement work. Date of reopening: September 30, 2018. Will update if the rest area opens at an earlier date.


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