Katella Avenue Interchange Improvements

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 12 and the City of Los Alamitos (City), proposes to improve the local interchange at Interstate 605 (I-605) and Katella Avenue, located in the western portion of the City which is located in western Orange County.  The proposed project is intended to improve freeway access and arterial connection, improve interchange traffic operations, enhance safety, and improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the interchange area.

An Initial Study/Environmental Assessment (IS/EA) - Mitigated Negative Declaration(MND)/Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been prepared for this project and provides responses to Draft IS/EA comments received during the public circulation period. It compares the environmental impact evaluation and proposed avoidance, minimization and/or mitigation of potential impacts associated with all proposed Build Alternatives; and identifies the Preferred Alternative - Build Alternative 2.

Mitigated Negative Declaration/Finding of No Significant Impact

Cover page/General Information/Title Page
Mitigated Negative Declaration
Finding of No Significant Impact
Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 - Proposed Project
 Affected Environment, Environmental Consequences, and Avoidance,
Minimization, and/or Mitigation Measures

2.1.1 Land Use
2.1.2 Growth
2.1.3 Community Impacts
2.1.4 Utilities and Emergency Services
2.1.5 Traffic and Transportation/Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
2.1.6 Visual/Aesthetics
2.1.7 Cultural Resources
2.2.1 Hydrology and Floodplain
2.2.2 Water Quality and Storm Water Runoff
2.2.3 Geology/Soils/Seismic/Topography
2.2.4 Paleontology
2.2.5 Hazardous Waste/Materials
2.2.6 Air Quality
2.2.7 Noise
2.3.1 Wetlands and Other Waters
2.3.2 Animal Species
2.3.3 Invasive Species
2.4 Cumulative Impacts
CHAPTER 3 - CEQA Checklist
3.1 Determining Significance Under CEQA

3.2 CEQA Environmental Checklist
3.3 Climate Change
- Comments and Coordination
CHAPTER 5 - List of Preparers

Appendix A - Section 4(f): No-Use Determination
Appendix B - Title VI Policy Statement
Appendix C - Transportation Conformity Working Group Determination
Appendix D - Avoidance, Minimization, and/or Mitigation Summary
Appendix E - List of Acronyms
Appendix F - RTP/FTIP Listing
Appendix G - Memo/Comparison of Jurisdictional Delineation Results

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Gabriela Duran, Associate Environmental Planner, California Department of Transportation, District 12, Division of Environmental Analysis, 1750 East 4th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

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