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District 11

Wednesday, May 5, 2016

Contact: Caltrans Public Information Officer Hayden Manning, (619) 688-6670

Errant Drivers in Highway Work Zones Up Locally

SAN DIEGO –– Local transportation officials want to remind motorists that there are currently more than 50 major construction projects in San Diego and Imperial counties that require various types of shoulder, lane and freeway closures.  Errant motorists entering highway work zones is occurring at an alarming rate, resulting in the death of multiple drivers.

That number does not include the smaller maintenance projects or other permitted projects that have drivers seeing more flashing lights and orange cones than usual.  The freeway crash cushions, attenuator trucks and concrete barriers are put in place to protect both the highway work and motorists.  But those precautions at times can be no match for vehicles traveling at excessive speeds, impaired motorists, and distracted drivers.

“Just one errant motorist barreling through a closed construction zone is enough to have fatal results,” said Caltrans District Director Laurie Berman. “There has been a significant number of errant drivers entering work zones in the last few months.  In April alone there were three separate occurrences on Interstate 8 in the vicinity of San Diego State University.”

Caltrans is urging all drivers to be safe and that includes taking responsibly when you are behind the wheel.  Not drinking and driving is the driver’s responsibility, not texting and driving is the driver’s responsibility, paying attention to upcoming road closures is the driver’s responsibility.  Motorists may become complacent driving the same route day after day and not notice when a specific area maybe temporarily closed for freeway work.

This month Caltrans employees throughout the State are honoring their co-workers that have been killed in the line of duty.  Remember someone’s mom or dad, wife or husband, sister or brother is working to make sure you have a safe freeway home.  Be #WorkZoneAlert and #MoveOver when you see flashing light and/or orange cones. 

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