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Hats Off

Counties Recognize Caltrans with an Award to Director Kempton

Director Will Kempton has received a Distinguished Service Award from the California State Association of Counties (CSAC).

award preentation
Photo by Lindsay Hall, CSAC
Frank Bigelow, 2007 CSAC President and Madera County Supervisor, presented the award to Director Kempton.

Kempton was honored for demonstrating leadership in the transportation system during a critical era of infrastructure expansion. CSAC credited him for changing the image of Caltrans significantly during his tenure and improving the Department’s responsiveness, partnership skills, and efficiency.

panel discussion
Photo by Lindsay Hall, CSAC
This panel, including Director Kempton, discussed “California Now and Tomorrow.”

CSAC, a nonprofit corporation based in Sacramento, held its recent 113th annual meeting in Oakland on November 15, 2007. Senator Ellen Corbett was also honored for her leadership in Proposition 1B implementation.

Partnering Commendation Letter

The following letter was sent to District 4 Construction Engineer Maurice el Hage from Christine Monsen, Executive Director of the Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA):

I would like to formally commend the partnering process on the I-238 Widening Project. In a little over a year of active construction time, and with great cooperation between FCI Constructors, Caltrans and the ACTIA, we have successfully delivered a project that is far ahead of schedule. As we all know, this project has tremendous visibility within the public, and is a project with universal public support. To have completed more than half the project in one-third the projected time is indeed a testament to the partnering process.

This project has had extensive public coordination, and the contractor has worked very hard to accommodate all out of scope requests to assist the public – from modifying guard rails to adding irrigation and planting trees – during short time windows. In addition, there has been extensive public agency coordination, including BART, the railroad, and the county. The contractor, along with the construction management team, has cooperated very successfully with all these agencies.

This project has been an exciting one for our agency, and as the major funding partner we are very pleased to see the progress of this key project for Alameda County. We look forward to continued project success and continued partnering between Caltrans, ACTIA and our contractor, FCI Constructors.

Bald Eagle Rescue

Martha Mitchell wrote a letter in June 2007 to the Burney Maintenance Station about her encounter with a bald eagle and the help she received from Caltrans staff:

As I was driving westbound on Hwy. 299 from Fall River Mills, a bald eagle dove in front of my vehicle. I braked and swerved, but hit the eagle anyway. After stopping my vehicle, I spotted the eagle and went down the embankment to attempt to help the injured bird. The eagle was very much alive and as I approached, it retreated further down the hill.

Steve Schwegeral
Photo by Steve Best, District 2
Steve Schwegerel
Roger Sleight
Photo by Dave Sutherland, District 2
Roger Sleight

By this time a Caltrans truck had pulled up. Steve Schwegerel and Roger Sleight had witnessed the collision. They were extremely helpful and reassuring; they made contact with Caltrans dispatch to call Fish and Game as well as Shasta Wildlife Rescue. They located the closest mile marker to reference where the eagle was last seen and helped me build rock markers to identify the area. They also maintained contact with Shasta Wildlife folks.

Myrlane WEderbrook
Photo by George Bravo, District 2
Myrlane Wederbrook

After arriving back at home in Redding, Myrlane Wederbrook from Caltrans dispatch and David Handa from the Burney station let me know further details about the eagle’s rescue.

My sincere thanks to all of these Caltrans employees who truly went “above and beyond.” They are definitely a credit to your organization.

Editor’s Note: The eagle’s wing had suffered a broken radius and ulna. A retired Caltrans employee, Daryl Chase, took the injured eagle “under his wing.” Chase named him “Talker” because of the bird’s uncharacteristic chattering.

Bald Eagle
Photo by Michael Mayor, District 2
The injured eagle has been cared for by Daryl Chase, a retired Caltrans employee.

Governor Recognizes Caltrans for its Charitable Giving

Caltrans is one of a select few recognized by the Governor’s Office for playing a major role in the California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC). The Department received an award for the exemplary teamwork of all Caltrans division and district staff who collectively raised over $824,000 for deserving charities. Caltrans also received the most prestigious award for the California State Employees Charitable Campaign, the Ruby Slipper Award. We exceeded last year’s donations by over 30 percent and raised the highest dollars within the State of California, $194,664.24 beyond last year’s contributions.

Photo by Steven Hellon, HQ
The award honors Caltrans staff willing to help those less fortunate.

Ann Barsotti, Deputy Director, Administration and Information Technology, accepted the awards at a CSECC awards ceremony on behalf of employees who volunteered their time, especially key campaigners, as well as those who generously donated.

group photo of award recipients
Photo by United Way
From left: Beverly Douglas-Glaze, Vice-Chair, and Carol Pennington, Chair, with Angel Carrera (loaned executive) who is holding the Ruby Slipper Award.

The teamwork award, engraved with the Governor’s seal and CSECC logo, underscores the State’s appreciation to Caltrans staff who not only strive for excellence at their jobs, but also are willing to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Appreciation from Miwok Tribe

Silvia Burley, Chairperson of the California Valley Miwok Tribe, wrote to District 10 Director Kome Ajise on November 19, 2007:

I and the members of the tribe would like to thank you and all the staff at District 10 for inviting us to actively participate in the celebratory theme ‘California Native Expressions Past to Present.’ It was an honor.

I also wanted to thank you all for the beautiful poster featuring the November 2007 ‘National American Indian Heritage Month.’

In closing I especially wanted to thank all the Caltrans employees who gave up their lunch breaks to come to the event.

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